The state of first-person shooters

Chirag Pattni talks the lack of high quality first-person shooter campaigns in recent memory. As well as what FPS fans have to look forward to.

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AK91491d ago

Look at the website name.

bluefox755491d ago

Am I the only one that's never been that into first person shooters? It seems like I am, at least among my friends.

TheRealTedCruz491d ago (Edited 491d ago )

I tend to wear out on traditional fps games pretty quickly. I'll play the online, competitive stuff here and there, like Counter Strike and whatnot though.
I do really enjoy fps immersive sims. Prey, Deus Ex, Bioshock, etc. I don't know if those count as actual fps games though, considering the gunplay isn't normally the focus.

bluefox755491d ago

I do like ones that incorporate RPG mechanics, really liked Outer Worlds recently, though I wish it were longer.

Razmiran491d ago

Whenever someone asks if "they are the only one" they should know there are like 2 billion people like them

bluefox755491d ago

Getting downvoted for asking a question? Do people think I'm lying about my own taste in games?

TheRealTedCruz491d ago

Welcome to N4G. I'm under the impression that half the posters are genuinely angry people.

annoyedgamer491d ago

Stop looking at big AAA titles then. Its your own fault that you think Fortnoght and Apex when FPS comes to mind and not Metro and Doom.

TheRealTedCruz491d ago (Edited 491d ago )

All 4 games you listed are AAA lol.