The Recent Lack of Major Game Releases Is a Blessing in Disguise

Omar writes: Video game droughts can seem pretty boring, but they're actually a great way to catch up on your backlog. This most recent one has been an enriching time.

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NecrumOddBoy46d ago

Dreams is out Twinfinite. That's more than a game... it's a platform.

MasterCornholio45d ago

I'm sure there's more but isn't The Last of Us 2 coming soon? Then there's the Ghost of Tsushima.

xTonyMontana45d ago

Depending on interests and platform but Watch Dogs 3 is out very soon then for me that kicks off a flurry of releases, RE 3 Remake, Persona, FF7 etc plus there was Kakarot, Walking Dead VR and WC 3 refund edition all released so far this year.

WickedLester45d ago

Just on PS4 alone you have Dreams, Nioh 2, Final Fantasy 7 Remake, MLB 2020, and The Last of Us Part 2 all releasing before June. Then Ghost of Tsushima out later in the year. Xbox has Ori and the Will of the Whisps coming soon. Switch has Animal Crossing coming pretty soon.

dumahim45d ago

Watch Dogs was delayed and will also get a PS5/XBSX release, so it may be a Fall release.

MasterCornholio45d ago


Xbox has Halo Infinite at the end if the year. But I don't have an idea on how well received it's going to be expecially since it's 343 that's making it.

Chaos_Order45d ago

And Doom Eternal. And Nioh 2. And Resi 3. And Cyberpunk...

My wallet is going to bleed. ;_;

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jairusmonillas45d ago

Switch and Xbox are always on a drought. Playstation always has big line up of games every year.

monkey60245d ago

Playstation had a quiet enough 2019 for exclusives though. There were still a couple but nothing like the onslaught this year

Rude-ro45d ago

Compared to what?
I love the fact that Sony might only release 3 AAA exclusive titles in a year and they get tied into the “its been quiet”.. yet Microsoft goes 9+ years without making one single new AAA ip and mums the word.

monkey60245d ago

Aww man you dont need to start me on Microsoft, but I spent most of 2019 clearing the backlog.
2018 was much bigger and 2020 looks to be an incredible year altogether.

BrainSyphoned45d ago

Besides the three Yakuza games Amazon just dropped off and my kids demanding Dreams for their day off on Monday.

Fluttershy7745d ago

I can't understand people complaining about too many games. If I find a game that I like I won't play anything else, Who cares if Breath of the Wild 2 just came out, I'll play it later (or not).

Chaos_Order45d ago

I guess the fear that we'll die before we ever get a chance to play all the games we want. I know it's something that plays on my mind when I look at my backlog.

AnubisG45d ago

I honsetly don't mind if there aren't that many relases now. I got so many games in my backlog that i want to play and when a new game comes out I want to play I just buy that too than another comes and another.

Fist4achin45d ago

Agreed and same here. Im not sure if theres a such thing as caught up anymore...

FinalFantasyFanatic44d ago

The last few years my backlog has gotten away from me, I had a look at the release calendar and there's a few decent games in the next few months. I'm happy to have time to catch up now, there's alot I haven't played or bought yet.

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The story is too old to be commented.