The Ultimate Retro Game Treasure Review

I used Retro Game Treasure for 3 months. Here’s everything you need to know about the retro video game crate service.

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xX1NORM1Xx49d ago

That’s actually really cool and a great way to build a collection without much effort if there was a uk based one I would definitely do it! But I can’t really justify the US to UK postage price and not to mention I’d need US versions of my consoles... I wish them all the luck in the world I hope they don’t go the way of lootcrate or 1up crate.

They should reach out to the retro youtubers to boost their recognition people like metaljesusrocks, johnhancock, beatemups etc and maybe give scottthewoz another go of crate services.

Tross49d ago

What sorcery is this? I may need to look into it.

fonger0848d ago

I subscribed to this for about 10 months, it’s actually pretty cool. Once you sign up, you give them a list of retro games you have, and then go through a decent selection description to tell them what games (genre & system) you are looking for and what types of games you don’t want. Now, generally you’ll get a box worth the $40ish dollars you pay for a month, so that means you won’t be getting the rare/expensive games. It’s fun, and generally something cool to look forward to every month.