Prince of Persia DLC could equal Fresh Prince prequel/sequel

Brodiesan at PS3 Attitude writes:

"Gamersyde have a fantastic video up with Ben Mattes from Ubisoft Montreal where he drops some PoP informational bombs that should be of
serious interest to fans of the series. (That would be us then)."

"When discussing the prospect of DLC, Ben tantalises us with the possibility than when they do do downloadable content for the title in the future - it's going to be big. Dispensing with the usual trinkets and assorted apparel, instead of seeing a "Prince's Magenta head-scarf" priced at €1.99 we're more likely to see whole new stories become available with such chapters being sizable enough to qualify as bone fide sequels (or prequels)."

Also via Eurogamer.

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