The Xbox One S 1TB All-Digital Edition with 3 games is just $135 right now

That's one of the best deals ever on a Microsoft console bundle. It won't last long.

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TheRealTedCruz10d ago

They list a $100 off promo code within the article.

CaptainHenry91610d ago (Edited 10d ago )

And it still won't sell out at $135 😁 but it's a good deal if you want to play Halo: Infinite at launch for cheap

TheRealTedCruz10d ago

I meant to state there was a $100 promo via MS AND a discount code via the site ..

Just read the article.

TheRealTedCruz10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

I mean, it's a solid deal if you're on a tight budget and haven't gone in on this generation. But the original Xbox was kind of weak at launch, let alone now. I haven't checked, but even the games on offer, I'm assuming, can all be had on gamepass, being MS releases. I know some of them can be, anyway.
But, yeah, if you're not looking for insane performance, and don't mind being stuck with digital only, here's a cheap console, that you can pair with gamepass, and get a lot of mileage out of on the cheap.

Godmars29010d ago

"But, yeah, if you're not looking for insane performance, and don't mind being stuck with digital only, here's a cheap console, that you can pair with gamepass, and get a lot of mileage out of on the cheap."

Which really contradicts the "power is everything" mentality MS have pushed with every gen. Including the next which is as focused on the "XsexBox" or whatever being the most powerful system yet, as they push being able to stream on your phone or TV.

And yes, Sony - tried - to do the last, but it was in compliment to their console, offering earlier titles, rather than in "AAA current gen available day one" subversion to it.

TheRealTedCruz10d ago

How does that contradict what MS is doing?
MS released a weak console at the beginning of the generation. They addressed that with the 'X'.

Now it looks like they are offering both going into the next generation; a more performance heavy, more expensive in turn, higher end system. As well as the base model.

That's them just giving choice. If they are able to claim that their higher end system is all about power, well, accurate, and they aren't overstepping by stating as much.

Godmars29010d ago

MS put out a crippled console, one hampered by kinect, while only talking up power to then have their noses rubbed in their own hype by the PS4 being the actual stronger system. Then put out two consoles to compensate, while insisting that "Da cloud" would in fact compensate for their original weaker system, then one upped all that by making everything they did available on PC.

And in all that, they have yet to produce one game that justifies any of their claims. If anything, a couple of the titles they put actually regressed in terms of graphic quality. Are again talking up power, accessibility, while saying in the next breath that it'll be at least two years after their next most powerful system launches that it'll have any games to justify buying it.

How are they not all over the place? Expecting you to buy their crap based on promises, when their track record for delivering on promises is pretty piss poor.

moriarty188910d ago

trying to literally give it away.

TheRealTedCruz10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

No. They're offering a deal. When I've seen base PS4s going for around $200, no only digital offering, you can argue PS4 is actually discounting itself even harder.
Are they not going out of their way to give itself away? Or does that not fit the narrative you tried to create here?

nucky6410d ago

well, if you're talking narratives, yours makes less sense. sony has never had trouble selling ps4s. if a good deal is being offered for a ps4, it's just a good sale. but the digital xbox has not sold at all........period. nobody wanted it at it's launch and nobody wants it now. they're trying to dump the stock they have. if MS isn't able to get rid of this skew at this price and before the seriesX launches - it'll be a total loss for them. for you not to see this means you refuse to acknowledge the sales figures. sony isn't trying to sell something at a lower price because it hasn't sold very well.
i don't think MS is desperate, wrong or right to do this. it's just business - no company wants to get caught holding onto something that didn't sell. so, they're cutting their losses and trying to recoup something out of this failure. how can you not understand this?

CaptainHenry9169d ago

Last time I checked Sony have already passed the 100 million mark. Microsoft is still trying to reach 50 million hopefully before next gen starts.

JustTheFax10d ago

I got an xbox one x for $208 during the amazon warehouse sale!

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