Can Resident Evil 3's Remake Sustain The Momentum Of Resident Evil 2's Remake?

With 2019's Resident Evil 2, the franchise reached an impressive new high; this year's Resident Evil 3 might not be able to live up to expectations.

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lifeisgamesok51d ago

Short answer: With Nemesis, yes!

AK9150d ago

Initially I would've said yes but I've been surprised by alot of people who didn't like Mr X in RE2 Remake because he made the game too challenging (which was kind of the point). Nemesis is clearly going to be hunting you just as much as Mr X except this time he has a flamethrower and a rocket launcher.

NapalmSanctuary50d ago

I'd be surprised if I saw someone say that Mr X made RE2 challenging, cause he wasn't hard to deal with. What I do see people saying and what Ive experienced is that he gets in the way of the gameplay. He's a walking easter egg that stops the game in its tracks when he shows up. Unlike in the original RE2, he's just an unnecessary annoyance in the remake.

Vanfernal50d ago

Yeah. Apart from a couple of scripted areas where he's blocking off corridors full of enemies and such he becomes an annoyance after a while. He's not that challenging but sometimes like in the library you're just running up and down stairs in circles while he chases you and it even feels kind of silly. But I think the more linear nature of RE3 will work to its benefit since Nemesis encounters will probably be more action oriented instead of running around a table while he keeps walking towards you.

PlatinumKing198249d ago (Edited 49d ago )

YeH all these kids can’t hack a real challenge in games. I personally loved mr x in 2 all the way to the platinum . And I’ll be doing the same with 3 . These are the type of games I love being more of a challenge . Real classic survival horror like it used to be . If you just want to go around blowing away zombies maybe cod zombies is more for the kids .

NapalmSanctuary48d ago

Yeah cuz baiting a whiffed punch and going around, tossing a flash grenade, or running circles around the library is seriously challenging. Don't go anywhere near Super Mario, bro. That game is just waiting to crush your soul.

49d ago