Star Citizen Videos Showcase Future Content as Crowdfunding Passes $268 Million

Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium Games has been releasing plenty of new content in the game's alpha, and showing even more in weekly videos.

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Terry_B5d ago

Can't wait to buy the game for 1€ in..many many years.

theindiearmy5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

At this point can you call it crowdfunding? You're just buying the game now. There isn't a Kickstarter or anything of the like anymore.

Abriael5d ago

The game is not launched and people are funding its development. That's what you define crowdfunding.

theindiearmy4d ago

How's that any different than Early Access? Or people buying a game and those funds going into continued development of a game? Like how Fortnite started? Almost every game with live services has the funds from the sales go back into the development of the game. So it's really no different.

SolidGamerX4d ago

Its called crowdfunding for a reason if it were sales they would call it that.

Abriael5d ago

Yeah. Future as in a 1 to a few months depending on the feature. That's future all right.

TheRealTedCruz4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

The people who support the game are going to
continue to support it.
The people who want to s**t on the game are going to continue to s**t on it.

They have a very, VERY high expectation of the game; fans, critics, and skeptics.

I'm just tired of the back and forth. If you want to cover the game, cover the game. Stop putting the freaking budget into the title.
Sites like twinfinite do it only to cause controversy between each group.
They'll get clicks.

One group looks at the number and sees it as a means to handle the scope the game is supposed to be.
The other sees it only as a scam that will never come to be.

Tired of the idiocy.

SolidGamerX4d ago

You may be tired of the idiocy but Chris Roberts clearly isn't tired of fools handing over their money to endlessly alpha test his space ship simulator. I'd call it space ship game but its hardly a game.

RazzerRedux4d ago

People mock what they don't understand. GTA V cost $265 million to make. Imagine how much it would have cost if they had to build Rockstar first before making that game. That is what part of that $268 million has paid for: building a company. Star Citizen is much larger than GTA V. A city vs a universe. Literally. People who contribute know this. Like you said, they understand what they are getting and they follow the progress closely. A lot of folks mindlessly ridicule Star Citizen out of ignorance.

PCgamer984d ago

Gta v isn't even a crowdfunded game and the game is completed years ago while sc is still limbo in alpha as of today and even sq42 that was shown 7 years ago has still no gameplay shown as of 2020. Lol!

SolidGamerX4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

A lot of folks mindlessly defend it out of ignorance.

Yep space ship simulator like the video you posted starts with, lol. Tried watching the rest of the video but it was so dark and boring I fell asleep trying to watch it.

RazzerRedux4d ago (Edited 4d ago )


You say "still limb in alpha" as if the game has made no progress in all that time. That's just not true. Yes, GTA V is complete, but you missed the point. Compare it in scope and size with that dev cost in mind. BTW, RDR 2 started development in 2010. Would love to know how much that one cost.

"sq42 that was shown 7 years ago has still no gameplay shown as of 2020"

What the hell is this then?

@SolidGamerX call it a "space ship simulator" and I show you a ship landing on a world and changing to a FPS bounty hunter mission. You are simply choosing to be ignorant.

here's more you can just ignore.

Godmars2904d ago (Edited 4d ago )

"space ship simulator"

All that time just to get snipped. And still, like PCgamer98 said, where GTA V is a finished product that's shown results, gets content added to it now that its finished, SC is unfinished, may technically never be finished even if/when released. Is still asking for money based on a "promise" that could fold up overnight.

TheRealTedCruz4d ago


You went from wide awake to passing out within 7 minutes?
You might want to get checked out. Narcolepsy can be very dangerous if not addressed.

RazzerRedux4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

"GTA V is a finished product"
"SC is unfinished"

Too bad Star Citizen isn't playable at all. Oh wait.....yeah it absolutely is. People are playing the game all the time and having a blast. Just pretend these videos don't exist either:

Current live videos:

Previous recordings:

Some of you need to step outside of your walled ecosystems for a bit.

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T1125P4d ago

The sad part is that when this game does officially release it will never live up to the hype. Just like Duke Nukem Forever.

crazysapertonight4d ago

There will be two games

One - MMO, which is playable right now and you can already try it and get some opinion about what game it will be.
And second is story game, which I think will live up the hype.

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