The Top Five: Gaming Romances

BY GRANT TAYLOR: Romance sells. It’s a fact – whether it’s a television show, movie, video game or book, everyone loves a relationship. It doesn’t matter if it’s canonical or a fanfic ship, some characters in games just exude that romantic, intimate bond. Gaming romances are everywhere, in almost every game that boasts some kind of story.

Of course, this doesn’t have to be a traditional romance. There have been plenty of instances when a character has become… unnaturally attached… to a particular weapon, or vehicle. Let’s recall a particular gruff cowboy in a semi-recent title who practically whispers sweet nothings to his horse…

So, let’s explore my top five gaming relationships! As always, these are my personal top five and do not represent the views of Grown Gaming as a whole! Don’t start complaining that I’ve missed out some Final Fantasy couple, or something. I’m afraid they’re not my cup of tea.

Without further ado!

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