Rare: Our future products will "surprise" people

Rare's studio manager, Mark Betteriedge, has told that some of the company's future products will "surprise a lot of people, both in terms of what they are and the different styles".

Talking in an interview, the first part of which will be published tomorrow, he explained that one of the studio's roles as a first party developer was to change the perception of the Xbox 360 from just being a "shooter box, or a hardcore box," and "change the conventional thinking of games and entertainment".

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TheColbertinator3623d ago

I think they might be working on an RPG.That would be a shock

The Matrix3623d ago

Yeah and note that "surprise" isn't always a POSITIVE verb.

Rock Bottom3623d ago

Let's just hope Rare's future products doesn't "surprise" as much as Banjo Kazooie: nuts and bolt did.

Maxned3623d ago

Rare, sometimes you don't have to "surprise" anyone. You didnt have to change Banjo-Kazooie, for instance. How about you stay as a classic developer and make the same games?
Look at Nintendo. Please imitate.

dktxx23623d ago

These guys talk way too much. Hell, they could have already released their next game if they'd stop doing interviews.

Time Lord3623d ago

Totally agree, everytime I open N4G, its about Rare this rare that.

Socom3623d ago

Its just the fanboys that talk way too much about RARE.

From the weirdest most unreliable to the most stupendous sources, they derive the rumor that the next KI or Jet force is coming.

Fanboys are stupid. Confirmed.

Montrealien3623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )

I agree that they have not released many grade A games in the last few years, but they have been fairly productive in the last 5 years considering they released 16 games. 16 games! lol Thats more the Bungie, Naughty Dog, Insomiac, and Guerilla combined.

oh, and over 90 games in their 25 years, they deserve a little respect, and praise, even though hating is in these days.

Jdoki3623d ago


16 games, that's surprising actually. When thinking of Rare I normally think of one game in a blue moon!!

I agree Rare deserve respect, and they deserve a place in the annals of gaming history.

But unfortunately in this business a developer is only as good as their last game...

I say, to each his/her own, so if people liked Nuts and Bolts, then fair enough. I played the demo and really couldn't see the appeal. I'll still rent it, as I think the concept is good even if the execution is average.

Unfortunately for me, Rare have lost the plot and are no longer a AAA developer. In fact I think Nintendo must have laughed all the way to the bank when they offloaded Rare to MS.

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Tony6003623d ago

bla,bla,bla nothing surprises me on xbox 360!Only the high failure rate on xbox 360 surprises me!

Montrealien3623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )

so what you are saying is that you where not expecting the high failure rate because MS only realeases high quality hardware right?

hence, you where suprised?

What suprises me is how may twirps make one account after the other on this site, humanity suprises and saddens me all the time on this site.

Bigbangbing3623d ago

i hope they don't screw up Conker :(

they totally destroyed banjo .. banjo was a platformer :(

Montrealien3623d ago

they are a freaking games company, not a damn religion.

Sitdown3623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )

but the whole Rare to "rear" thing is not working out....this is your second time posting it, and it still is not clever. Perhaps you would be better off by saying that Rare is living up to their that great games for them has become all but Rare. But Rare to "rear"?...come on, surely you can do better.

Your statement is true....and also humorous.

bomboclaat_gamer3623d ago

it seems as if i have a stalker. i didnt ask for ur comment

Sitdown3623d ago

have to be a stalker to recognize the same tired comment. Hmmm, you mean we are suppose to wait on requests or permission in order to comment on somebody's post....I think I missed that in the rules section.

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