Dreams Player Creations Are Being Shown on Billboards Around the UK to Celebrate Game's Release

To celebrate the launch of PS4 exclusive, Dreams and to showcase incredible community creations, PlayStation UK have selected some of the best to feature on UK billboards.

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XxSPIDEYxX10d ago

This is exactly what I meant when I was talking about promoting this game. Good job Sony and Amazing work Media Molecule.

NecrumOddBoy10d ago

This truly is the best community gaming creation ever.

ANIALATOR13610d ago

This game has had like zero marketing up until now. Or at least I haven't seen anything or heard anyone talking about it. I think it is a bit of a mistake releasing this late on ps4 should have been a killer app launch game for ps5

xenz10d ago

Releasing this late should not be a problem since it will most likely be playable on PS5 and will keep on thriving on that platform.

jairusmonillas10d ago

PS5 can play all ps4 games and they will probably market this game again when PS5 launch along with new features like raytracing for dreams.

neutralgamer199210d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Yes but most if all not all the publications have given it great scores so far. That in itself will put my eyes on this game

Than there YouTube community doing their job by talking about the game. I think this game will do well long term especially as more creative gamers get their hands on this game. I don't think every game needs traditional advertisement

There will be some major remakes of older games. Simpsons hit and run would be awesome if someone creates one

And as mm update it for ps5 the community and creations will only grow

Omnisonne10d ago

This game is a concept artists' wet dream.. or any artist working in the industry. You now have full control over every aspect, visuals, sound, gameplay. I'd be doing myself a disservice not picking this up.