Why did Dreams take Media Molecule seven years to make?

Martin Robinson: "I'm still not entirely sure what it is, but I do know that the more time I spend with it the more I love it. I got the chance to sit down with Media Molecule's Alex Evans and Mark Healey as they celebrated the launch to talk about what's taken them so long, what's changed along the way and where they think Dreams might be heading."

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AspiringProGenji5d ago

The game took a whole gen to be made but it will last many more

fr0sty4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Possibly the best game for PS4, simply because it can literally be any game, and will give birth to thousands of new games, developers, and maybe even development studios.

Ol_Boy4d ago

I'm sure it will eventually come out on PS5.

Teflon024d ago

probably doesn't need to. They'll probably give it a PS5 update. Game is a game that doesn't really need a PS5 version. Just a update to take advantage of it. But you're probably right. Eventually it will probably

Echo_5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

7 years. Crazy how time flies.

Xaevi5d ago

Because it's literally a game engine disguised as a game. I can't imagine the work these guys put into this, to try and make it as accessible and deep as possible. Media Molecule is by my favorite developer of the past and current decade, creativity just oozes out of em

Sono4214d ago

If I remember correctly, in an interview a while back they said they had to restart development twice, there were also issues with something called "boning" a way they were structuring player models or "puppets" before, but they got rid of that.

BlackTar1875d ago

The tools and the abundance of them has got to be a tough task. It's one of those tasks like cleaning your house and as you make your way through you find new stuff to clean and it just takes time.

Teflon024d ago

I use to create in LBP and did some software engining in College, and the amount of tools, detail etc in dreams is literally unbelievable. I don't think they're getting enough credit, and over time ppl will see why.

Muzikguy5d ago

It's amazing that the game was never cancelled and the vision was still able to be realized. Definitely a credit to the developers. Aren't many out there that will work on the same thing for that long

The Wood5d ago

Cancelled or crap when released. There have been a few games that have been released after long dev times only to be s#ite and lacking in content. Better late than never especially if the quality shines through

Teflon024d ago

most times games are cancelled after all that time, is because of money. Mm is likely really good at money management, like how they are at management. The fact they can get these games and engine into ridiculously small files is beyond anything you see out there

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