Remedy holds steady, posting solid growth across the board

Finnish developer moves forward on live-service multiplayer game plans

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gangsta_red613d ago

Control is absolutely fantastic! I haven't finished it yet but I am loving it so far.

Gamehard613d ago

I thought it was ridiculous when IGN gave it GOTY before I played it. Gotta say after going through it, it's deserving of the praise. Personally I'd still say Sekiro is my GOTY, but Control is definitely up there as a close runner up. I played it on a pro and didn't have too many technical issues, but I'd love to see it running on a high end PC with all the chaos going on and effects everywhere.

gangsta_red613d ago

Seriously, I played a little bit of Sekiro and I liked it but passed on it after playing for a little bit.

But Control instantly hooked me the minute I booted it up.

For me it's an instant classic this gen and I'm mad at myself I didn't play it earlier.

UltraNova613d ago


Control was great and a fresh breath of air when it comes to big SP AAA western 3rd party games but what an absolute masterpiece of a game...words cannot describe it. That said I understand it might not be everyones cup of tea. To each their own I guess.

Gamehard613d ago

The thing about Control is it's much more accessible than Sekiro can be. Sekiro is amazing and the combat is probably the best of any modern game this gen, but it can be work. You really have to be in the mood to deal with a game like that and all that it's gonna throw at you. Control is pretty stress free overall.

Tapani612d ago

For me Sekiro is a game where I'm always in the mood for it. It's the challenge, the planning before doing something, executing it flawlessly (or rather often not) and then trying to figure out the next steps. I did like Bloodborne and other souls series more due to them being longer and more complex RPGs, but Sekiro is a really good action game.

Control, I still have to try. Heard good things about them, and am truly happy Remedy is moving forward financially as well

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RazzerRedux613d ago

What? gansta_red likes a third person, cinematic, single player game?!?

Adding it to my Steam wishlist right now. ;)

gangsta_red612d ago

Lol! Crazy right! It's also emotional and story driven!

TheRealTedCruz612d ago

Big fan of everything they've put out since the original Max Payne. Happy to see Control doing well for them but ..... PLEASE GIVE ME MORE ALAN WAKE FOR DEAR GOD!!!!

AK91612d ago

"moves forward on live-service multiplayer game plans"

Well I guess that Alan Wake remaster isn't happening then.