Criterion Is the Perfect Studio to Bring Back the Need for Speed Glory Days

Tom Hopkins writes, "Yesterday, EA announced that development of the Need for Speed series would be moving back to Criterion Games after four iterations with Ghost Games."

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ActualWhiteMan5d ago

EA Black Box would have been best case scenario. But EA...

LucasRuinedChildhood5d ago

EA Black Box started to screw up as much as Ghost Games and they had a long downward trajectory spanning from 2006 to 2011: Carbon, ProStreet, Undercover (this is when things really went downhill), The Run.

darthv725d ago

That could be a cool name for a game. "Need for Speed: Glory Days" ... it could be set in the 50's or 60' with tricked out hot rods and such.

NapalmSanctuary4d ago

Gotta include the 70s so could have the best of the American muscle car era.

overlordror5d ago

Yeah Criterion is an excellent choice if it isn't riddled with microtransactions and FOMO season passes.

UltraNova5d ago

Hate to be the one to say this but... who's left from the Criterion old blood these days?

SickSinceSix5d ago

*Criterion Is the Perfect Studio to Bring Back Burnout
There, fixed it for you

dontbhatin5d ago

I was just about to say the same thing lol. But I don't believe the original minds behind Burnout are at the studio anymore.

Forn5d ago

Criterion doesn't even exist as people remember it. So I have little to no faith in NFS.

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