Shenmue 3's Second Story DLC Releasing February 18th

PP: Deep Silver and YS Net Inc. have announced today that Shenmue 3’s second story DLC will be releasing later this month on February 18th.

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S2Killinit5d ago

Nice. They are doing a good job supporting it. I was a bit worried before release but it seems it was unwarranted.

meganick5d ago

I’m sure the 50 people who purchased Shenmue 3 will appreciate this DLC.

Fluttershy775d ago

Sorry I'll pass... And I find this practice of giving me a complete lackluster game, and then releasing a "second story dlc" insulting.
And it's sad because I was so happy we were getting another Shenmue

PlatinumKing19825d ago

Nice , looking forward to it. I really hope they patch in a Easter way to get the fishing trophy though as 1000 fish is ridiculous . Apart from that not all the trophy’s and loved the game

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