New Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer Shows Absolutely Gorgeous Opening Cutscene

Today Square Enix released a real treat for the fans of Final Fantasy VII and the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake for PlayStation 4.

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Fraggle19875d ago

Looking Incredible. Compare this to nearly all other JRPG's of the last two decades in terms of production and ambition...
Hopefully it kickstarts another RPG revolution like the first one did.

Melankolis5d ago

That Mako reactor looks like a Japanese evil company doing an evil business in America

pornflakes5d ago

I will wait until the game will come out full finished and not in parts

After so many years in development i think this will be finished by the end of next gen

-Foxtrot5d ago

Imagine Final Fantasy VIII with it's epic opening cutscene

It could be amazing

highvoltage5d ago

It's looks spectacular. Soundtrack is godly too. I just hope the sidequests are better than XV and day 1 for me.

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