Dreams PS4 Review (PSU)

Read our Dreams PS4 review to see why we feel this is the most essential PS4 exclusive released to date.

AK911589d ago

This game is fantastic and deserves all the praise it’s getting.


Dreams Creator Regrets Lack Of PC Versions, Next Project Is "More Of A Game Than A Creation Tool"

Media Molecule director said the studio's next title is more a game & less a creation tool. He also regrets not having a PC version of Dreams.

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-Foxtrot45d ago

If there was one PC version that should have existed it’s Dreams

I’m super glad they will be going back to something more traditional gaming wise.

Cacabunga45d ago

I’m sure they’ll find something creative to implement like Tearaway on vita. What a gem 💎 that thing was!!!

Abear2145d ago

My dream was DreamsVR and creating landscapes, characters, and sculptures using that amazing toolbox in vr, that would have been something imo.

ocelot0745d ago

I thought It has vr support?

Amplitude45d ago

It did but it came out as an update LONG after the game was essentially dead

P_Bomb45d ago

Dreams PC was the dream. Woulda given the game a much needed boost. Here’s hoping they follow it up well.

phoenixwing45d ago

If sony had any sense they'd be making a pc version pronto

mkis00745d ago

They probably ran into the same problem they did with the potential of last of us factions....the support needed was just too much to consider expanding to more platforms for a smallish studio.

Abnor_Mal45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

I use to say this when the game was first releasing, many kept saying it would not be possible, something about the toolsets.

I said this was one game that needed to be on as many platforms as possible, including PC and Xbox just like how Minecraft is everywhere.

Goodguy0145d ago

Creation tools just don't work on console very well. It's definitely more suited for PC, and it's very odd Sony decided not to port it over. Good MM is working on an actual game instead.

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Dreams Dev Media Molecule Says Layoffs Impact Planned Community and Curation Support

IGN writes: "Media Molecule has said the layoffs at the Sony-owned studio have affected plans for ongoing community and curation support in Dreams."

Inverno89d ago

How self sustained can DREAM be when it's basically stuck on PS4? I don't think it's even gotten a PS5 upgrade. Ending support for what is essentially a game making engine is basically death. SONY did DREAMS dirty.


How Dreams Tren update was inspired by a childhood spent playing with trains

Media Molecule Creative Director John Beech talks about making a very personal project in Dreams, available with PlayStation Plus.

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