Tony Stewart's Sprint Car Racing now available on Xbox One and PS4

Neil writes: "Forget about the smooth roads of Forza and put the brilliance of Codemasters' GRID to one side for today is all about a different type of racing - dirt racing - as Tony Stewart's Sprint Car Racing hits Xbox One and PS4."

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darthv7212d ago

I remember back in 14 he was involved in a fatal dirt track accident. I wonder if any proceeds from this will go to the victim's family? I believe there was a lawsuit from that or it may still be going on.

SonyStyled12d ago

Yea the dude got out of his car and ran up the track to confront Stewart passing in a pack of cars under yellow. A no no in the rule book for safety reasons. It was like running across the highway. Tony was cleared of any wrongdoing, and the person killed was racing under the influence of marijuana

Mainman18712d ago (Edited 12d ago )

I can't wait to kill other drivers in this game! It'll just be like being Tony Stewart himself!