Dreams ‘isn’t currently in development for PC’

But creative director says “it would be great” to see a PC version in the future

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Axonometri6d ago

I have to say, if we are going down that road, Last of Us II and GOW 2 would be amazing. ( YES I Know )

SourtreeDing6d ago

word it would show off the Power of the PC, PC dont have many triple A games that show what the master Race can do a days... but with Sony games that can change....

Neonridr5d ago

So many 3rd party AAA titles hit PC.

Army_of_Darkness5d ago (Edited 5d ago )


A lot of ps4 exclusives have been ported to pc?? Really? I must be living under a rock cause a " Console exclusive" doesn't necessarily count as real exclusives since they do get ported to pc.... If God of war, horizon zero dawn, GT sport, the last of us, uncharted 4 or ratchet and clank go on pc, then I can see what you're talking about......

winter_hill6d ago

Sorry dude. PC users can have as many Xbox "exclusives" as they can handle, but Playstation exclusives will be staying where they belong.

KaaF6d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Don't know what kind of rock you've been under, but a lot of PS exclusive have already been ported to PC and more are coming.

Fanboy kids think of PC like it's another competing platform against Sony or Nintendo, it's not, it's an open platform where they can release their games and get it 100% revenue as long as they release it on their own store, and given that PC revenue is close to be as big as all consoles combined ''33B vs 38B', they would be pretty dumb not to.

Microsoft already figured this out, and given that Sony is starting to release their own games indicate they are starting to get it themselves. I doubt Nintendo would though, they are too dumb for that, look how long it took them to get into mobile, a platform that takes 48% of all gaming money.

bishup255d ago (Edited 5d ago )

"But creative director says “it would be great” to see a PC version in the future"

i wouldn't expect much to be said from contracts under NDA. but yeah that does open up the future possibility. or if it was already in the works but under NDA.

mandingo5d ago

Yet they've already lost several exclusives to PC and XBOX lol

MrVux0005d ago


Not part of this insecurity competition, but i don't recall any SONY first-party game ported to PC, only minor second and third party games.

Mr_Writer855d ago

Define "alot"..

As I can count on one hand the first party games Sony have published on PC.

Hungryalpaca5d ago

You mean like horizon and Detroit?

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Tech56d ago (Edited 6d ago )

i like Dreams but at the same time there are a couple notable roadblocks i see from a creators perspective.
it looks like fun, but then from a creators perspective it depends on how serous you are as a creator.

For the moment it costs $40 and none of it goes to creators. this also poses a difficulty running a patreon along side it. because patrons would have to pay $40 on top of becoming a patron. which many patrons would reject the notion of having to pay extra on the side for anything these days. and if you wanted to make a free demo of your work you wouldn't be able to as Dream demands money upfront.

so far this has been on my mind. my two cents.

bishup255d ago (Edited 5d ago )

no doubt this is constructive criticism. but yeah it depends on how serious the creators are. or if they're ok with freely displaying their talent with the exception that Media Molecule sets their fee over any donations.

Genkins5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

so you're saying the gamers do all of the work and Media Molecule takes home the money and review scores?

rainslacker5d ago

It's a hobbyist thing. Maybe one day paid content will be allowed. I don't see it as a thing to criticize over. If someone is only going to make content they get paid for, then there are other means to do that. In the mean time, the community that is into these kinds of things tends to be pretty creative, and surprising with their efforts to make this stuff.

In any case, I doubt the $40 up front cost to buy the game is going to be much of an issue. Over time, the cost of the software is likely to drop, and the $40 is pretty low already. Plus, there is a lot of other content to play as well.

neutralgamer19925d ago


We already have free mods on pc and maybe you don't know this but if developers see someone creative/ talented that person is hired with base salary of 75+k

So do you want them to make 40 dollars or 75k. Dreams could get some jobs for gamers who don't really have other avenues of getting into the industry

Genkins5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

it's kinda sad though isn't it? who knows what creators make. say that gamers put some of their best efforts into their work. and they look back years later never collecting all major benefits. it's sad.

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AnubisG6d ago

Why do PC gamers want the exclusives of all platforms for themselves? You guys don't have enough games to play as is? All the emulators allow you to play pretty much every single game from every single console there is other than PS4. Plus all the PC games from the dawn of time but that isn't enough. It has to be ALL games on PC isn't it?

Zeref5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Uhm yes. Games are made on PC. In the past consoles had unique architectures but now consoles and PCs share the same architecture. It makes zero sense for a game not to be on PC anymore.

coming from somebody that rarely plays on PC.

rainslacker5d ago

I wouldn't mind the content creation tools to be available on PC. I find that easier to use myself. Mouse and keyboard support would be nice, although the set up for creating games is designed for controller and move right now. I'm just used to using PC for such things.

Otherwise, I'm kind of indifferent, but would be fine with the game being on PC.

AnubisG5d ago


So tell me; if there were no exclusives on any console, what would be the reason to own one over a PC?

Why would anyone buy a console at all?

There would be one platform in that case: PC.

Zeref5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Because consoles are dedicated gaming hardware. It's pick up and play.
You never have to mess with settings or drivers. Also it's a better value for performance.

Console gamers will always buy consoles. PC players will always play on PC.

LordoftheCritics5d ago

PC gamers want to see the game in all its glory.

Just wait till Death Stranding pc release and watch how fantabulous its going to look. Its to the gaming worlds benefit in fact. Would have loved to see a maxed out with better shooting Uncharted 4 on pc even though I have already played it on PS4.

RazzerRedux5d ago

"Why do PC gamers want the exclusives of all platforms for themselves? "

Well.....yeah. Why wouldn't we?

"All the emulators allow you to play pretty much every single game from every single console there is other than PS4."

Not really. PS3 emulation is still a long way from giving us "every game" and the ones that are there often don't run very well. Besids, you can't run PS3 games from the disc and I'm not a pirate.

I play PS2 games on a emulator after I have created an ISO copy of the physical game disc.

Hungryalpaca5d ago

my god you sound insecure.

It’s a game. If it comes to Pc who cares. Some people who play only on pc wanting to play an exclusive on another platform is a bad thing now?

You PlayStation fan boys are something else. You act like the exclusives are a god or something.

They’re GAMES. Who cares where you play them.

Giblet_Head5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

We do? Because an article says so? Lol. Hungryalpaca is right. You sound pretty insecure with that all projection and generalization.

AnubisG5d ago

@Hungryalpaca & Giblet_Head

It's not insecurity. I just don't want Playstation to end up like the Xbox. I want Playstation to thrive. It is my prefered way to play games so that is how I want to continue playing games; on a Playstation console with a controller where everyone has the same experience as everyone has the same specs and controls.

If PS will lose all it's exclusives, the brand will disappear. It's as simple as that. Just like Xbox. Xbox is in a transition of becoming a virtual platform. It will leave console gaming behind. Even Phil Spancer said that their competition isn't Sony or Nintendo but Google and Amazon. That should tell you all about their plans.

You want to play PS exclusives? Buy a Playstation. Very simple. No one is stopping you. If I want to play xbox exclusives you know what I will buy. Not an Xbox that's for sure. I will buy a PC. See? I don't want that to happen with Playstation. You can hate exclusives all you want but there is a good reason for them. If you guys can't see it, than I don't know what to tell you.

Giblet_Head5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

@AnubisG Dude. Sony isn't gonna move all their exclusives to PC. There'd be no point in buying the stupid boxes if they did that. I already own a PS4, feel free to check my recent comment history for proof. I couldn't give less of a shit about Playstation games much less Xbox games ending up on PC personally. Some may bother with them on there, but what passes for AAA these days always ends up boring me anyway, first party console games are almost never an exception, especially the movie wannabe types with bare as hell gameplay.

AnubisG5d ago (Edited 5d ago )


It's fine if you don't care. It's also fine that I do. We are all different. Sony has been talking about releasing some games on the PC lately and I just don't think it's a good idea. That is all. I said why already and I care because I want to keep gaming the way I love gaming. I also like to game on PC as well but mainly strategy games or games I can't find on PS. I wish Xbox would do more in the console market to give competition to Sony because if there is competition than we are the winners as gamers.

As for AAA games. There are a lot of good ones but gaming is the same thing as food. Everyone has their likes and dislikes. I like a lot of AAA games myself.

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neutralgamer19925d ago

Sony and epic are in it together. It wouldn't surprise me if Sony were to release some of the older titles on epic game store

Sony owns all of David cages ip that he worked on under Sony yet those games ended up on epic store. I think it could be beneficial for both sides

rainslacker5d ago

I'm pretty sure Sony licensed those games to a new publisher to put them up on EGS. Sony made money on the back end of things, but they had nothing to do with the PC publication.

It's unreasonable to assume that Sony would license out all their properties to be published on PC in the same manner, although I suppose it's not impossible. More likely, they'd just publish it themselves and keep the bulk of the profits from the ports.

As of right now, I think there is only one 1st party game going to PC, and that's more due to the MLB license requiring it. Since Sony wanted to keep the franchise, they had to agree to that stipulation. I'm more surprised it wasn't like the NFL license with EA, where they're required to release it on platforms cited under the agreement.

neutralgamer19924d ago


Sony didn't have to do anything I think you are wrong. Mlb came to Sony and asked them if the game could be released on other platforms since no one else is making any mlb games

Sony could keep the license under 1st party banner and there wouldn't be a damn thing mlb could do about it. 2k had an exclusive deal with mlb but even than we had mlb the show games on playstation. 1st party exclusive sports titles work differently. EA has a exclusive NFL deal yet Sony could stray making nfl GameDay and as long as they keep it exclusive to playstation Ea wouldn't be able to do much. Companies like EA and 2k sign what is known as 3rd party exclusive deals

TheTony3165d ago


Horizon isn't on PC, just a rumor.

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TheRealTedCruz6d ago

They had one of the co-founders saying late last year that a PC version was planned, but would be down the road lol.

sampsonon5d ago

It would be the worst thing for Sony to do.
They won't be releasing it on pc because the only thing sony has over the competition are exclusive games.
Nintendo doesn't count because their base will never leave.

ShadowWolf7125d ago

For a game like this, it would be one of the BEST things they could do. Expand the community, keep it going, find more talent they could even potentially recruit to their studios...

A game like Dreams is about the only one that DOES make sense for them to port.

AspiringProGenji5d ago

Little big planet had a shit ton of user generated content and it didn't need a PC port for that.

Atticus_finch5d ago

I disagree. Dreams is the perfect game for Sony to release on PC, it would blow up like Minecraft. And people would flock to a PS store app for any PS game.

sampsonon5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

@ShadowWolf712: sony has banned games or made them clean the games up because of sexual content. and you really think they are going to give mods a chance to do whatever they want with Dreams? lol

Imalwaysright5d ago

Sony has brand recognition over the competition and a quick look at the top best selling games on the PS4 and PS3, more people buy playstation consoles to play multiplatform online focused game than to play Sony's 1st party games.

sampsonon5d ago (Edited 5d ago )


people can buy almost any console and play mp games. people buy PS for the exclusives. and they play mp games while they wait for the exclusives. others buy the console because the people i just mentioned bought it, and want to play with them.
MP games are a on every platform, so why didn't most console gamers buy a xbox one? now you have your answer

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franwex6d ago

I’ll settle for the ps4 version for the moment.

SyntheticForm6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

That's a shame, I suppose.

Unspoken5d ago

Yes, PC would be the platform for content creation while using mouse and keyboard + 3rd party support.

UltimateOwnage6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

PC players will have to keep “Dreaming”. This has taken almost 10 years of Sony pumping support and funding into the studio to make Dreams a reality, and that focus on an exclusive endeavor has resulted in a nearly perfected title.

The PC market’s last title to approach this level of dedicated support and creative freedom was Spore, and EA cut it short on dev time and fizzled it’s ambitious concepts. Sony isn’t going to pull an MS and give it away after letting this gem grow to maturity.

This is the kind of game that moves hardware and defines the pinnacle of a generation. It’s receiving well earned accolades and Sony deserves the credit for working to add this to their library of exclusives that continue to make PlayStation the best place to play.

TheRealTedCruz6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

One; I already stated, the cofounder publicly stated coming to PC is planned. It will just take time.
So this is just one company insider conflicting with another.
Aside from that, your glorified Sony commercial was kind of cringy.
This coming from someone who is currently playing Dreams as I post this.

neutralgamer19925d ago

Co founder what? Sony owns mm and the IP and allowed it to be rebooted many times before mm got it right

End of the day its the publisher not the developer who decides

The_Sage5d ago

I've been following Dreams news pretty closely and I don't remember ever seeing that. Link?

Zeref5d ago

"give it away"? Lmfao you Sony zealots are something else man.

neutralgamer19925d ago


It doesn't make any sense what so ever to release this on pc right now but maybe few years down the road

It's a huge investment Sony made and sonny's goal is to move hardware. If people want to play dreams they have to own ps4 but if it's available on pc than they don't. It's basic business supply and demand. Pc gamers have been begging for yes that's right I said it begging for bloodborne and that has yet to happen and which year did that game launch again 🤔

Zeref5d ago

I wasn't aware that games on PC are free. I thought Sony would still charge them money for it.

Krew_925d ago

What do you expect from the majority of user here on N4G, reasoning? Don't even bother.