PS5 is ‘an obvious progression’ for Dreams, says creative director

“Ideally in the future we’ll migrate to whatever is relevant”

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NecrumOddBoy6d ago

Yes, don't let this amazing creation system stay on PS4. Keep it going onto PS5 and keep it updated. This is a benchmark in the PS community and I think there is a lot of life here going forward.

Obscure_Observer6d ago

PC confirmed?

Healey added:

“I mean I think Sony have become more open recently to publishing stuff on the PC in general anyway, haven’t they? Isn’t there some stuff that’s happening, I’m not sure?”

AspiringProGenji6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Above this article “right now” There is another one saying there are no plans for PC

Obscure_Observer6d ago


"There is another one saying there are no plans for PC"

For now.

Silly gameAr6d ago (Edited 6d ago )


You xbox guys really want Playstation games to come to the PC, huh?

It's like you're trying to will it into existence.

Doesn't matter to me if PS games go to PC or not, but I just find it funny that the guys are so hardcore pro xbox, want PS games on the PC so bad. lol.

UltraNova5d ago

Silly gameAr,

I can't fault them for being so jealous and thirsty for greatness, can you?

Profchaos5d ago

Given it's been in development solely on ps4 since the console launched its probably not coming to the PC anytime soon

CaptainHenry9165d ago

Obscure_observer is jealous and in denial 😂

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Spicyram5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Ah i see, the game is performing so well that you couldnt say anything about its quality, so this is your next best option from a ps trolling point of view, nicely done and keep waiting for dreams to come to PC. You're so pathetic dude, you need to get over yourself

UltraNova5d ago

He is the worst troll on this site. By far.

Obscure_Observer5d ago

@Spicyram @Ultranova

I quoted the dev that seems OPEN to the idea of a PC version of Dreams as he said Sony seems more OPEN to the idea of Playstation games a PC. So my question is: Why no?

I have no interest in PC gaming. I´m a console gamer, and I don´t care about your feelings either.

Quote where made stupid/trolling remarks like: "Gonna play the best version of Death Stranding on PC"?

You´ll call anyone who mentions Playstation games on PC a troll, but the day Sony in fact bring its games to PC, you´ll gonna aplauld and call it a good business decision, because hypocrisy speaks louder. This day will come and I´ll be there to call you out.

Spicyram5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Obscure observer

Honestly, i would just shut up if i were you, you're a joke. The first thing you junp to saying is "Pc confirmed. You disingenuous P.O.S. You cant give credit where it is due.

You're also digging for nonsense then jumping to conclusions without any solid proof, and you're doing it in a manner to take away from the fact this is on ps4 - Ps4 only, and highly acclaimed. Hurts you deep inside.

"He is the worst troll on this site. "

Yea, agreed - that is 100% true.

neutralgamer19925d ago


Yeah Sony is open to it but much older games. Not newly released titles and I don't think they will ever release their titles on steam

Sony and epic are tight so that's where it could end up in 2021

RazzerRedux5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

How is that "confirming" anything? He's asking questions because he obviously doesn't know.

But I would love to see Dreams and all PS games come to PC. No doubt.

GaboonViper5d ago

All you had to say was well done, but couldn't even do that could you, pathetic.

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FyBy5d ago

On the other hand - if ps5 is bc then making it explicitly for ps5 isnt necessary. If ps5 can emulate ps4pro, its ok. Maybe later, when community will move more to ps5, some remake or ps5 enhancement would be nice. This isnt like other games. You simply dont want to split community between ps4 and ps5 so all have to look same on both platforms. ps5 can have higher framerates in fhd/4k.

oakshin5d ago

Nah if nothing else dreams would benefit from the extra memory of the ps5 enough alone to justify the port

Dreams is no different then making any game in the fact you have resource management and restrictions

rainslacker5d ago

I think they maybe would limit the availability of PS5 features so the games could still run on the PS4.

Maybe not though. Or make it a choice of the creator.

PS4 creations should be able to run on the PS5 either way, as the games build as a runtime build.

Abnor_Mal5d ago

I've said it before and got disagrees left right and center. I still believe this application after a period of time, should find its way to every platform.

I want this app to become PlayStation version of Minecraft. I would like to see what the PC crowd could do with mods for this app, I believe creations make would be out of this world.

neutralgamer19925d ago

If it comes to pc all its creations must be compatible with ps4 and ps5

Won't happen anytime soon maybe early 2021. Sony would want to use dreams as a way to sell. Ps4 for now and Ps5 at launch

Abnor_Mal5d ago

I agree Sony should sell the game on their platform, it should be on PS4&5, heck put it on Vita.

2021? I was thinking more like 2023 or later, the game is slated to have a ten year life, so yes let it stay on PlayStation for a time and then start porting it out.

I'm sure the PS5 could handle mods and Sony can vet and pick the best ones to come to consoles.

I mean this is an application that can help many people learn and possibly get a foot in a creative job of some sort. Why limit creation when everyone is saying they can not wait to see what creations the community comes up with.

To be clear, I am only talking about Dreams coming or rather going to all platforms. I am still a staunch believer that each platform have their own exclusives, and not really see single player games going to PC, but MP centric games with cross platform play with PC is not a bad idea as long as it can be a balanced experience for both.

AK915d ago

Awesome hopefully they mean BC support.

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