Modern Warfare Warzone Gameplay First Look, Item List Revealed

Here's our first leaked look at Modern Warfare Warzone gameplay! Not only that, but we even have the items list as well with in-game prices for each.

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Ricegum5d ago

Nothing like Halo. Like, at all.

This looks decent.

spicelicka5d ago

Lmao except it's not. People even play Halo CE to this day.

Wontime14d ago

??? Halo is the gold standard for fps's.....
The next one is gonna do gangbusters

KwietStorm5d ago

Used to think people just had a strange obsession with trolling on the internet. Starting to believe people are just mentally handicapped.


From the pic of the items being purchased by what I'm assuming currency you get from completing objective and killing enemies I also see it like Halo 5's Warzone. They even took the name lol

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gtxgamer25d ago

Wasn't there a leak stating there'd be a "training ground tutorial" for their BR?

AK914d ago

How long until they don’t bother with SP anymore and just replace it BR?

AK914d ago

*facepalm* can’t believe I forgot about that one.

AnubisG4d ago

Only CoD I don't own exactly because it dodn't have an SP.