New mind-blowing screenshots for Microsoft Flight Simulator showcase next-gen graphics

DSOGaming writes: "Microsoft Flight Simulator's alpha build showcases next-gen graphics, and it's a beauty to behold. And below, you can find some new stunning screenshots from it."

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timotim5d ago

The first next gen game shown off thus far and its jaw dropping.

JeffGUNZ5d ago

Looks so real, absolutely beautiful.

Ricegum5d ago

Looks nice. But it's definitely a niche game, really not for everyone.

timotim5d ago

I said nothing of its popularity...thats a conversation for another time. Doesn't change the fact that it is the first next gen game shown though and it looks damn good. Should be a great title for those that are into these kinds of games.

Neonridr5d ago

as is Ace Combat 7 or Gran Turismo for that matter. Those who like Racing games, play racing games. Those who like Flight sims, play flight sims.

MajorLazer5d ago

Close the door on your way out, please. Thanks.

rainslacker5d ago

It's not for everyone, because calling it a game is a stretch. But, I wouldn't necessarily call it niche. It has a huge following.

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Kumakai5d ago

can not wait. im obsessed w/ aircraft and flying and used to play on the old ms sim. this is going to be amazing.

Az1ner5d ago

Truly stunning. Asosbo please join xgs!

TimmyTesticles5d ago

Finally hitting that point where things are legit photo-realistic. I remember thinking graphics couldn't get more real when Goldeneye came out but this time I mean it.

frostypants5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

I want these graphics, but in a DCS-style combat sim. Make it happen, MS.