Nintendo Gamecube Remakes Priced

Nintendo's upcoming range of Gamecube remakes, known as Wii De Asobu, is set to launch next month with Donkey Kong Jungle Beat. IncGamers' Japanese correspondent, Jake Kawaguchi, has found out details of the surprising RRP.

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Dorjan3621d ago

Hmm.. not exactly next gen...

Mini Mario3620d ago

"Hmm.. not exactly next gen... "

Im glad they are re-releasing. The games on the cube were really good, but obviously ppl were too interested in the ps2 to realize.

Star wars Rogue squadron 2 was awesome!

AndyA3621d ago

Neither is the Wii though

Captain_Sony3621d ago

Yeah I know Wifi is so last gen, Blue tooth is also.. Guess you kids are paying 400-600.00 for a PS3 for last gen features also.. Oh but whats that? It doesnt bother you to pay for last gen if it carries the Sony name? Only reason you could be crying now. More powerful than any last gen consoles, offers half the features that you think make a console worth 600.00 but it isnt next gen? Spoken out of ignorance of the console, or jsut a blind fanboy? It has to be one or the other. Either you dont understand what you're talking about or you do understand and just want to be a fanboy

Mini Mario3620d ago

"Neither is the Wii though"

So when the ps2 brought out games like battlefield and Star wars Battlefront on the ps2 did u call them "last gen" crap because the pc had those games looking WAY better than the ps2 ports. Actually they looked like crap in comparason. But i bet ppl still bought em and didnt care how crapped they looked.

The multplayer (on the net) was a joke compared to the pc as well. I call it Selective memory because ppl never seem to remember those kinda things. (they never remember the casual crap on the machine either...two words......................... .DOA VOLLEYBALL !!)

Leord3621d ago

Oh, love it! All these great old games gets new life again!

Still, frickin expensive games if they are on the second round of sales =P

Mini Mario3620d ago

" - Absolutely ridiculous pricing...
... ah well, the Wii crowd will probably happily lap it up again, and ask for 2nds..."

Kinda like the crappy ports of FPS from pc to ps2 ey. I mean they were already out for years on the PC (looked ten times better) but ported em anyway. It may not have been the same system, but alot of those games were old.

AndyA3621d ago

Yup, the price is the issue for me

thetamer3621d ago

That is disgusting. I can't believe that they're willing to charge GC game that highly. I wouldn't mind so much if it were around £10 or even £15, but over £20 is almost as ludicrous as Crunchy Nut Cornflakes traffic lanes.

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The story is too old to be commented.