Latest Crysis trailer - oh wow!

Crysis will be one of the first PC games out the door that'll employ DirectX 10, and a new gameplay trailer from the shooter shows what we can expect thanks to the inclusion of Microsoft's new technology. Good for you if you're super-flush with cash and can afford a rig to run this game at full whack, because it will be an awesome spectacle to behold.

Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli recently told CVG that with DirectX 10 the developer gets "get performance increase and feature sets that allow the experience to be ultimately more cinematic, video-realistic and dense". Enjoy the footage.

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DC RID3R4908d ago

this game looks Bad-ass :]

and just the tip of the iceberg too!

Direct X10 people.......................i f you don't know, get to know.

Antan4908d ago

Anticipation is reaching fever pitch!!!

candystop4908d ago

Talk about some nice visuals!

ryanjtravis4908d ago

Yeah that's pretty amazing... wish my PC could handle it!

Maldread4908d ago

This looks epic, i thought the body which flyes past the screen looked a bit stiff, but that`s all i can camplain about.. otherwise it seems spot on

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