Pre-Order Marvel’s Avengers At Best Buy and Get a Mighty Nice Exclusive Steelbook

Best Buy continues their tradition of offering steelbook cases of most major AAA releases as they’ll offer those who pre-order Marvel’s Avengers a steelbook case with stellar artwork by Marvel superstar artist Mark Brooks.

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-Foxtrot6d ago

Wait a minute...let me get this straight

If you pay a shit load of money for the most expensive edition, you get a bland looking steelbook of the Avengers "A" logo but if you just pre order the lower editions you get a free steelbook which looks fantastic, full of colour and detail

Jesus, why does this shit keep happening, it should be the other way round or include both steelbooks in the most expensive edition.

thatguyhayat6d ago

Trust Square enix to pull this stunt

AnubisG6d ago

Because the good looking steel book is done by Best Buy. BB does that with more and more games to get people buying games from them. I got many steelbooks that way. I preordered RE3 remake and it included a nice steelbook as well.

The big A steelbook however is square enix. So blame them for that.

Also this isn't Avengers. This is Kamala Khan with the avengers as side chatacters.

-Foxtrot6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

It's not just Best Buy, GAME has it in the UK and a few other outlets around the world so obviously it's not just a "one company" thing

Square obviously gave them permission to do it, they can't just do their own without saying anything.

So if they made one for them or approved artwork then why not go "Gee...maybe we'll give them the A logo one and we'll have this one for the CE instead"

AnubisG6d ago


I don't know about GAME in the UK. I don't live in the UK. I know about Best Buy. I don't know how that stuff works but it is what it is. BB has the nicer steel book.

CorndogBurglar5d ago

"Also this isn't Avengers. This is Kamala Khan with the avengers as side chatacters."

You're not the first person I've seen make a comment like this. So I went and looked it up. And my god, you're right. They actually made an "Avengers" game with multiple playable characters, but made friggin Kamala Khan the main character...

I'm speechless. I haven't been following much about this game because it fell off my radar a while back. So I must have missed this news. But what are they thinking?

They're making a Destiny-style game. Meaning they could have had us picking whatever character we want and making that our character for the whole game. Like how Destiny has us pick different class Guardians. Or, they could have just had us play as different characters each chapter as the Avengers get re-assembled.

But nope. They decided to make an Avengers game where we play as Kamala Khan as the main protagonist and everyone else is a side character. What in the actual hell? I seriously have even less interest in this game now. So many characters have been Avengers over the years, but Kamala Khan is our main protagonist. What a joke...

AnubisG5d ago


I would say that it is most likely was a politically correct choice but I know many will disagree with me but I can't imagine a scenario other than PC propaganda where you pick a nobody as the main character over Ironman, Thor, Hulk, Captain America, Black Widow, etc. Kamala Khan is not even part of the Avengers but she will save the day after the Avengers fail. Typical feminist SJW bullshit. That is how I see it.

The worst part is, that they announced it but doing their best to trick people into thinking that this will be an Avengers game.

In my opinion this game deserves to fail because they are misleading people.

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CrimsonWing696d ago

Well if you preorder the expensive edition at Bestbuy you get both, so there is that.

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Smokehouse6d ago

People still don’t understand the Best Buy thing lol.

Garodor5d ago

I have the feeling we know nothing about this game (especially about this Multiplayer part) and should already preorder sepcial editions ?
I'm a bit cautious to give my money in advance for this game ... after all ... everything we have seen looked pretty linear and generic (compared to another small Marvel-hero game called Spiderman)