Developer Quantic Dream Going Fully Independent and Will Self-Publish Its Own Games

This year, Quantic Dream will celebrate its 23rd birthday.

Twenty-three: by that age, a person has left adolescence and is ready to become an adult. That, in many ways, is what Quantic Dream is doing today. After 23 years of learning, discovery, and growth, the studio is now going independent — and we have become masters of our own destiny.

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I_am_Batman5d ago

David Cage doesn't like sequels.

1Victor5d ago

Good luck and see you later owned by Sony in a few years or a generation as their game are seen by some as a interactive video

pornflakes5d ago

Great - more games comming from them to PC and xbox

Win win situation

Bluemaster775d ago

Why was this so heavily downvoted ?

Az1ner5d ago Show
Abnor_Mal5d ago

Probably cause it didn't mention PS4/5.

mkis0075d ago

He left out playstation because he posted only to trigger he was successful.

ssj275d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Their games are getting worse and worse have buy them all but very disappointed with the last game. I was little let down with the. Beyong two souls but it was ok. Indigo was great and heavy rain their tops. Hopefully they can do better next time hut I'm not interested since their last game was whatever

AK915d ago

Uh Oh they need publishers more than Platinum their games are graphical showcases.

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