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A place for unlimited creation, Dreams is a highly ambitious concept, and one that has been magically brought to life.

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Jin_Sakai9d ago

Another great score! Game is getting high praise all across the internet.

Reviews so far:
Jack of All Controllers - 9.5/10
God is a Geek - 100/100
Push Square - 100/100 - 90/100
Game Informer - 9.5/10
OPM UK - 10/10
IGN -9/10

lifeisgamesok9d ago

Magnificent! PS4's last year is so good

UltraNova9d ago

And to think tlou 2 is still coming...

Jin_Sakai9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

And Ghost of Tsushima.

lifeisgamesok9d ago

@UltraNova And Nioh 2 and possibly Lost Soul Aside :)

The Wood9d ago

It's a great start to possibly Sony's best year this gen. Well done to all parties involved

sampsonon8d ago

And FF7 Remake.

ilikestuff8d ago

I’ll be downloading this bad boy when it hits the store. Man this this game gets me excited and I don’t get excited for games very easy.

UnSelf8d ago

No matter what type of gamer you are, everyone should own this title by default

Sitdown8d ago

Probably missed it, but who said this was the PS4's last year? Doesn't PlayStation still see support even after the launch of a new console?

froy4028d ago

@ gamerRn
These type of games?
What are you talking g about, this is unique. There has never been anything this ambitious, this is on a whole another level, there's nothing else like this. On the contrary of what you said this is a game that never gets old and has more life than any other game out there, because there's always something new to do or experience.

criticalkare8d ago

lol look at all these disagree

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Chaos_Order9d ago

I'm not surprised at all. After watching coverage of Dreams for the past year it's obvious that it would be a landmark game.

GamerRN8d ago

Reminds me of Project Spark... Interesting... Unfortunately as a non creator these types of games have little life

Mr Logic8d ago


You know that as a non creator you can still play created levels right? There's bound to already be hundreds of levels and the game isn't even "out".

DarXyde8d ago


I don't have a creative neuron in my brain.

I was still playing LBP for 2 whole years AFTER the sequel was released, despite owning LBP2 around launch. The things people accomplish is nothing short of incredible and there's plenty to do.

That said, Dreams is on an entirely new level.

If you think the community for this game will be short lived, you know nothing about these types of games.

Chaos_Order8d ago


Yup, exactly. I was around during the LBP and LBP2 days and there were constant breakthroughs as people learned to use the tools in new and creative ways over the years. There was always tons more to see and do, with the added thrill of being able to connect with your favourite creators. LBP2 still remains as one of my favourite games of all time, and Dreams essentially blows that out of the water.

I'll repeat it again, without an ounce of hyperbole, this will be a landmark game.

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bloodymeatballz9d ago ShowReplies(5)
WickedLester8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

I just hope all this critical acclaim will lead to strong sales for it. I'm genuinely concerned for the future of Media Molecule if Dreams doesn't take off in a big way. After being in development for 7+ years, I question whether or not it will recoup the cost. It can't simply be a niche thing. Dreams needs to become a sensation. Not just for the sake of Media Molecule but so Sony will be encouraged to continue to support unconventional projects like this. I don't want the future of PlayStation to be filled with the same old gaming tropes just because they're safe bets.

Army_of_Darkness8d ago

No sure why you got disagrees because you have a valid point. This game does need to sell well after being in dev for so long. Sony is still a business after all.... I believe this game will do great though! The potential in this game is amazing.

neutralgamer19928d ago

Simpsons hit and run on. Ps4 please. Gta vice city remake, gta San Andreas. What's amazing is all these are very much possible on dreams

Once this game is released within 6months time this will have some legit remade games

There so many creative people who once they figure out the systems will make some special games

Dreams could be a title where fan favorite remakes could be requested and made. The tools available out of the gate will only improve

Dreams will have remakes of older titles and dlc expansions of stuff we never get on consoles from pc community. And Sony let mm reboot this game many times before they got it right

Last of us 2
FF7 remake
Mlb the show
Nioh 2
Lost soul

2020 is a huge year for Sony in 2 ways first they dominate with ps4 than they launch ps5 and have patches available day one for all the older titles to be played

Imagine bloodborne in 4k with 60FPS

What's amazing is all ps4 exclusives alone getting Ps5 patches would be worth getting Ps5 for besides the new games

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StormLegend9d ago

2020 is looking like 2018! Can't wait for this and the other 3 anticipated exclusives

monkey6029d ago

The scope of this is insane. I can't believe how good it looks

Dovergamer8d ago

Next are TLoU 2 and Ghost of Tsushima.

Sony is closing with complete strength the generation of the PS4. This is a prime example of a company that cares for top quality games. Media Molecule is no exception. I'm glad they are performing to the next level. We can't expect any less from them.

Sony was wise selecting and building the best studios out there. Now such outcome provides dividends. Sony proves once more the importance of quality, delivery and consistence. We can't wait on what we will see on the PS5. Sony is carefully choosing their moves.

This is why I purchased a PS4.

isa_scout9d ago

Arts dream alone is a 9/10. It felt like a game developed by Tim Burton, but then to know there are 1000s of unique creations to enjoy and build yourself afterward is just amazing. I could even see existing devs using Dreams to make proof of concept prototypes.

shaggy23039d ago

9/10 for Arts Dream? It's a 3 hour game tops.

I agree Dreams as a whole is stunning and for those creative types is a phenomenal tool, but Arts Dream is way too short.

Look at the campaigns on the LBP games, they were a decent length, why the drastic change?

isarai9d ago

They plan to keep adding stories to the game, but also this is launching with a LOT more user generated content than LBP did

isa_scout8d ago

I'm not saying Arts dream is worth the full retail price of 60 bucks, but I've purchased 20 dollar games that have nowhere near the same quality as Arts Dream. I'm speaking of its quality not its length.

NecrumOddBoy8d ago

Dreams is $40 and will be a huge cross gen title that includes coming Multiplayer and VR. They really dis something special here.

ziggurcat8d ago

"9/10 for Arts Dream? It's a 3 hour game tops."

It's not the game's campaign...

8d ago
Bathyj8d ago

Haven't you ever heard of a game called journey?

Making a game longer does not make it better. It's 3 hours because they want it to be 3 hours. It's story driven.

Do you think Schindler's list would be a better movie if it was 10 hours long?

shaggy23038d ago


"You dont have all the facts straight"

So you're telling me that the levels known as Arts Dreams arent 2 -3 hours long?

Are they 10 - 15 hours long? Maybe 30 - 35?

"From a company daring to take risks"

This is the same company that made Little Big Planet, a game where you could make your own content.

This isnt taking risks, this is evolving what they did previously and expanding on it.

A risk for Media Molecule would be venturing Into a totally different genre, a genre they have never touched before.

Fluttershy778d ago

You are not getting it... it's a limitless hour game

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