Who is Mark Cerny, the man behind PS5?

An in-depth profile of Sony’s influential, yet staunchly independent architect.

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TheScotsman6d ago

Indeed. But it keeps us all calm, when he's talking about exciting stuff

Fluttershy776d ago

I hope that near launch we get Mark Cerny explaining us what Sony wants to achieve with the PS5

lifeisgamesok6d ago

A genius that has been developing video games since he was 18

And a big reason that I have confidence that the PS5 will be very capable

KratosKonundrum6d ago

That's why the PS5 is going to crush the series X next gen. Microsoft doesn't have a Cerny or anyone even close to this man's genius and couldn't probably even afford him. What he did with the PS4 was incredible and I expect the same fine touch for the PS5.

cooperdnizzle6d ago

Funny was just telling my brother that. M$ has no chance and making a better console or better games. They don't have a Mark on their team.

Donnie815d ago

Yeah bro knack was a game changer

SwampthingsSon5d ago

Uh huh... That's why he created the checkerboard Pro while MS has native 4k. 🙄 You can have a biased for a console, fine. But stop acting like a politician with a bad PR spin.

FITSniper5d ago

Sorry but Microsoft is immensely more profitable of a company than Sony. They can afford him and more.

I agree that I think PS5 will be better. But don't say stupid fanboy crap like that.

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Fluttershy776d ago (Edited 6d ago )

I think it was even before that... He was 17 and worked at Atari

Thundercat776d ago

What a good read. Mark's gaming career is truly amazing. I respect this man dedication and passion. He is one of the reasons I am so exited and confident about the PS5.

Can't wait to see him on the PS5 reveal.

nucky646d ago

agreed- interesting read and i'm stoked for the ps5 reveal. although, at this moment, i'd settle for just KNOWING WHEN the ps5 reveal will happen.

Thundercat775d ago

Agreed. I believe April is going to be the month. This delay means they are still making big hardware decisions which is good.

StormLegend6d ago

The genius who created the beautiful powerful PS4 ❤

Gunstar755d ago

And Knack.... oh...hang on 🤪

ShadowWolf7125d ago

Yes, Knack. A technically impressive platformer meant for children.

Gosh, it's almost like everyone who mocked it wasn't the target audience.

darthv726d ago (Edited 6d ago )

He had his hand in the 3do and Genesis and one of my favorite arcade games (marble madness). The guy can do it all and helped bring companies like naughty dog and insomniac to the forefront of gaming.

respekanize915d ago

marble madness?!?! You just time warped me to being 7 years old (multiple decades ago) playing that game on NES in my basement with my cousins.

I love this guy even more now !!!

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