Xbox 360 dashboard update: Do I need a bigger hard drive and a Netflix subscription?

Xbox 360 owners have had Nov. 19 imaginary circled on their imaginary calendars for quite some time, as Microsoft is set to unveil a massive dashboard update for the console that includes options to install games directly to your hard drive and to stream Netflix movies.

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OOG5716d ago (Edited 5716d ago )

no netflix in canada :/ but if I could have one I would..........

kewlkat0075716d ago

...Can't wait to install my RPGs. Fable, Fallout, Lost Odyssey, Last Remnant and Infinite Undiscovery.

ceedubya95716d ago

I refused to play LO and Mass Effect again until this update happened. I wanted to play these games at their best. I didn't even finish LO yet because of this.

Dmitry Orlov5716d ago

I'm currently on disc 3 in LO. I wouldn't say the loading time is that bad or there are any problems with loading the textures.
Oh, and btw, the game is great.

kewlkat0075716d ago (Edited 5716d ago )

I'm not against anything that can speed load times up though..

I've seen the comparisons of Fable and LO and I want this UPDATE NOW!!

Less noisy DVD-ROm Drive(I've heard/seen comparisons) and Less Heat Of course are other benefits.

IMO, Lost Odyssey is the BEST EPIC JRPG out right now..I love the music, characters and the story is kind of a tear jerker..lol I'm a I'm a big Nobuo Uematsu fan.

Best Track in the Game..."Epsilon Range"

ceedubya95716d ago

Great game. I didn't have any real issues witht he game's performance. Yeah, it could load a bit faster and be a bit less choppy, but it was far from unplayable. Its just that when I found that you could do the install to make it run better, I just decided to wait to finish the game at a time in which I could play it at its highest performance level possible.

I find it funny how someone disagreed with me because of how/when I choose to play my own games. I would be at all surprised if there are those out there that track people's comments just to disagree with them.

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Firebird3605716d ago

Does anyone know how long it takes to install a game to the hdd?

chester5716d ago

i think i read a preview that said 10-12 minutes, but don't quote me on that.

Bladestar5716d ago

I installed CODWW and Fallout 3 and it's around 10-12 minutes... so, it's safe to quote you on that.

CrazyOrange5716d ago

im in the preview
it took me 7min to install 4.7gb orange box

devilhunterx5716d ago

Time to improve on those sandwitch making skills :P

edhe5716d ago

I installed fable in the time it took to go to the toilet, boil the kettle, make a cuppa, eat a biscuit, settle down back into the couch and wonder where all my money went.

ChrisGTR15716d ago

talking about making sandwitches i remember DMC4 took a 20 minute install on ps3 and it was only 5 gigs! theres the ultimate proof right there. 5 gigs takes 20 mins on ps3, but on 360 6.8 gigs takes 10 mins to install. ultimate proof right there people that ps3 blu ray drive hurts games and therefore the installs are mandatory because loading it from disk is too slow.

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Imallvol75716d ago

it didn't take long at all, however, I noticed no difference in load speeds. just quieter overall.

netflix is the best part, even though the selection is severely limited. great update.

CrazyOrange5716d ago

i heard xboxlive gold = netlifx subs+ gold membership
but when i try to resgist in netflix its ask me to pay !

Bladestar5716d ago (Edited 5716d ago )

This netflix thing is for people that already have a subscription with netflix. You do get a free netflix subscription if you are a gold member... that wouldn't much sense... if Microsoft charges $4/month and give netflix subscription for free when netflix cost more than that per month... netflix is just another partner of the many other partners that will allow streaming video directly from the xbox 360 to their subscribers... Think of this as a netflix upgrade and not an xbox live upgrade. I think netflix benefit more on this than microsoft...

As matter of fact I believe that this feature will probably be on the PS3 eventually... I do not see why it wouldn't. it would be stupid of netflix not to ask Sony to enable this on the PS3..