Sony And Microsoft Must Spend Billions To Offset Carbon Footprint Of New And Past Consoles

This is a very interesting statement but I wonder if the numbers are grossly inflated but a new report indicates both manufacturers would need to spend billions to offset their Carbon Footprint.

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AnubisG48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

Plant trees. Trees love CO2. Will not cost that much. It's impossible to 100% eliminate CO2 anyway. For that all living things must disappear. Stop the fearmongering! CO2 is not as bad as some make it out to be as it is food for trees.

Garethvk48d ago

Hence why I said the numbers look inflated.

AnubisG48d ago

They are very inflated for fearmongering.

Garethvk48d ago

I am far from a Fearmonger. I am simply saying their more be more cost effective solutions.

AnubisG48d ago

I'm not saying you are the fearmonger. But people who blow things out of proportion for monetary gain and control are.

Tross48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

Right, it's only an issue if the concentration of CO2 is too high. While I don't agree with the Conservative mantra of ignoring science just because the truth is inconvenient for some people, I also don't agree with the Liberal mantra that everything needs to be brought to a halt, and lives need to be uprooted, just so we can slightly reduce carbon emissions.

There needs to be a balance. Yes, I think it's prudent for companies to try and reduce their carbon footprint. However, I don't think they ought to be so concerned about it that they should spend billions to offset it.

Moreover, when I think of industries where the overall carbon footprint is a big concern, the videogame industry certainly doesn't come to mind. Keep in mind that encouraging people to stay in actually reduces their carbon emission as they will spend less time in their cars. Digital downloads mean much less of a manufacturing footprint, but even physical copies aren't as big an environmental concern as one would think since they stay in circulation once they're produced and don't typically end up in landfills. Gamers are pretty good about selling and trading in games we don't want anymore or giving them to other people, and the same goes for consoles and handhelds we don't want. I think that's the greatest form of recycling. Overall, I would argue that gaming is one of the more environmentally friendly hobbies.

AnubisG48d ago

Very well said! Agree with you 100%

Spacemagic48d ago

The vast excess being created is what is unsustainable. We do need to wean off of coal and oil for sure and invest in clean energy. Its telling that Antarctica is trending much warmer, hitting a new record high a week ago. As for companies' carbon footprint, that is what industry regulation is for, and right now America is broken and regulations are being thrown out the window.

AnubisG48d ago

It would be great to not rely on fossil fuels but that is just a dream now. Eventually humanity will progress and we might not rely on coal and oil but for now, we do. The climate of our planet is very complicated and taking one outlier measurement and scream climate change is not a good thing to do unless you want your agenda supported if it's global warming and we will all die in 12 years. We have to be smart about what we do and we have to protect our environemnt but raising taxes and spending billions on foolish things and forcing people to give up their lives is not the way to do it. Did you know that there is actually a global cooling in the lat 3 years? Well, Al Gore and AOC don't like to talk about that do they? It's not all doom and gloom. These people are fearmongering and they are doing this to control people. If you are afraid, you are very easy to control and this is all about that. So, everyone should do as much as they can to protect their environemnts. Know and believe that humans are smart enough to overcome anything but we cannot stop nature. We cannot stop natural cycles of the earth and we cannot stop climate change. Climate has been chaning ever since this planet has been here. Long before the industrial revolution. It is arrogance to think that we can change or stop such a thing. If we were gone today, the Earth would be very quickly would return to it's natural state and in a very short time, not even a single evidence would remain that we were ever here. Smartest thing we can do is lesrn to adapt to any change that comes our way in my opinion.

Smokehouse47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

There’s nothing wrong with America on climate change. There isn’t a single serious solution besides planting trees. It’s all platitudes, taxes and fart sniffing. Grand fantasies and obvious movements for power. “Let’s give complete production to the state, that’ll fix climate change” the backdoor socialism attempt which is clever If you can corrupt enough youth. Or the “You must only take a shower every 2 days or face jail time” type of eco-fascist regulation that we have now. Yeah more of that please.. It’s all laughable and cultish.

Broken would be spending 93 trillion dollars to completely collapse the world economy and send everything into chaos because of co2 and water vapor. Climate change would be a danger to us, not the planet right? Earth can take care of itself and will still be here long after we’re gone. If all of this is to save us then why collapse society is such a meaningless fashion? Why would it matter in the middle of tyranny or anarchy? What new energies are being made in lawless countries? America isn’t broken, it’s doing great actually. Especially with emissions reductions using natural gas. Of course we need new sustainable energies but until we have them we need to power and empower inventors. Not drive innovation into the ground with an iron fist.

Smokehouse48d ago

Oh no what will we do in 6 billion years when the sun implodes? We must act now. Save us carbon tax!

AnubisG48d ago

Tax increases solve everything. Everyone knows that./s

Smokehouse48d ago

And complete control. I can’t wait for for Bernie to win and put AOC in charge of the EPA. Can you imagine the greatness?

AnubisG48d ago


I can't imagine a person more fit to be in that position than AOC.🤣

Smokehouse48d ago

I’m sure there are plenty of 16 year olds around that are more qualified but she’s not barking at Bernie rally’s for no reason. She will be in his cabinet somewhere lol.

Immorals48d ago

Haven't Microsoft already pledged to go carbon neutral?

kneon48d ago

Nope, they plan to go far beyond that, they want to be carbon negative.

They have said that they will remove from the atmosphere all the co2 that they have ever emitted

rockwhynot48d ago

We have to decarbonize the economy- not just store a bit of CO2 in some wood.