Left 4 Dead had no Co-op mode originally

Left 4 Dead originally only had a Versus mode, Valve's Chet Faliszek has told Major Nelson, with Co-op mode being added later.

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The Matrix3649d ago

Now it's set to be one of the biggest co-op games of all time.

SiN-MVGA3649d ago

I like how the bottom of the article claims L4D was released yesterday, heh heh.

dragunrising3649d ago

I have it ordered on Amazon with free shipping so I won't get it to the 24th :-( I still have Resistance 2 to play through on co-op. In my opinion R2 and L4D are two of the best examples of co-op.

BooZe3649d ago

I second that. Resistance 2 is so far my favorite co-op game in 2008. And the Left 4 Dead demo rocked aswell. Can't wait till L4D gets released in Europe on Friday. Awesome-sauce.

Sharpshell3649d ago

I have been pumped for l4d, but my first thoughts upon playing R2 co-op was , wow, lol i don't need to get l4d anymore... of course you can't have too much of a really good thing and now I'm just more excited for l4d than ever! I guess what I'm trying to say is that I am more and more intereste din co-op and less and less interested in competitive.

Proxy3649d ago

I've played both; both are great. Resistance 2 co-op is really cool because of the different classes and the way they work together. That adds a lot of depth. I get tired of the "I'm standing RIGHT HERE until I kill you all" enemies though. If the chimera take over the world, and set up a new stations expect headlines like "A chimera was killed today after someone shot him in the head 300,000 times, chimera police investigating..."

L4D is just pure hilarity with the co-op. It plays a bit different every time, and I've played the demo for more time than I've played some full priced games. I just love it.

Sharpshell3649d ago

although imagine if they didn't how the hell could you manage to shot him the amount of times needed...

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RAF-TECH3649d ago

Not my cup of tea...
Or maybe i havent seen the depths of it...

the demo left me with a 7.5 / 10

Th physics is all wrong but I love the scenes.
hopefully.. It's a rent then buy game

militant073649d ago

i didnt like it too
the zombies way toooooooooooooo fast

mariusmal3649d ago

great thing they added it cause me and my friends are buying this for some online zombie killing spree :D

anyway i tried the demo offline and it was ok but a little boring. the co-op is what makes this game shine

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