The Game Console That Nintendo And Sony Made Together Is Now Available To Buy ... For $30,000

One of gaming's most mysterious and controversial consoles is available to buy--if you're rich.

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Tross48d ago

That's not actually bad for such a unique piece of videogame history. I don't have the money for that, but I'm sure whoever does will be elated.

Good-Smurf48d ago

Some rich Arabian gamer will buy it in no time that's for sure.

Fist4achin48d ago

"It belongs in a museum" - Indiana Jones

Ninjamonkey8248d ago

Heres a link to a breakdown on the console far as i remember there was issues the console in reading its games, He got in touch with ben heck on youtube and hense this video heres part one. Saw this bout three years ago.

Latex7448d ago

Sound like a steel if i had that money spair id buy it great bit of videogames history

Relientk7748d ago

That actually sounds like not a bad price. For something that rare and historic, honestly I think people would pay more.

TheEnigma31348d ago

Nintendo will buy it them trash it out of bitterness because this is the reason Playstation is dominating right now.

Segata48d ago

Misconception. SEGA was also in talks for Sony to work with them on Saturn. Not to mention N64 going with carts is why Sony even got Final Fantasy VII. Had Saturn been easy to develop for with a proper US launch and N64 went with discs. PS1 would not have had near the same impact it did. Sony had some odd restrictions themselves on 3rd party games in the early days but it was worth it over trying to figure out Saturns complicated multiple processers and N64's expensive carts.

keegamer8048d ago

I think the talks Sony had with Sega was after Nintendo shamed Sony.

2pacalypsenow48d ago

I pictured Pelosi destroying the Presidents speech while reading this lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.