Epic Games' War on Trade-ins to Ruin Gaming

Publishers are zeroing in on eradicating the trade-in industry, led by none other than Epic Games, a company with blockbuster games, and a business model which depends on developers being able to afford their middleware. Gameplayer investigates.

"Don't get us wrong, we're not saying that a little greed isn't good - hell we've watched the movie Wall St, and we take many of our moral cues from Gordon Gecko. But when that greed comes at the expense of other, more important things, we're not fans of it at all. Here are four major reasons why these proposed measures are crap, and why killing off trade-ins is going to be bad for Joe Average (i.e. you, me, and the one unfortunate bastard who actually got christened Joseph P. Average)."

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SprayandPreycom3625d ago

I can see the owners of gamefly drinking there starbucks saying well this could be the end if this gets through now who wants to go fishing on my new yaught after we play 12 holes at agusta ...

YogiBear3625d ago

Cut the prices of your PS3/360 games by $10 to $20 and trades will not be as big a problem.

GarandShooter3624d ago

'and a week later you casually shuffled down to the games shop (unshaven and in your pajamas) to score an awesome game for dirt cheap.'

Has anyone found a used game dirt cheap a week after release (and lets limit this discussion to games that DON'T SUCK)? At GameStop if a game is $60.00 new, it's $55.00 used. A whopping $5.00 discount. For a $5.00 difference, I'll buy new and support the developers. Maybe 'Down Under' is different with game specialty shops, but I see a lot of hate for GameStop on this site.

Cynical-Gamerzus3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

I bought a 360 (100.00 on craigslist)used and Gears 2 used
And will sell the game on Amazon today.
All together $170.00+ 64MB memory card!!
Great deal!!
Ill have ended up only spending $130.00 total to play this game!!!
In my opinion MS deserves none of my money as they try to sell 256MB memory cards for $$50 and tiny Hard drives for $100.00 RIP OFF!!!
MS give me something worth buying!!

Id rather have a PS3(which I do)!!!

Seriously Make a game that has longevity and re-playability inovation and I wont sell it used so soon!!!