The Case Against Streaming

We think streaming is dog sh**; apparently some major publishers are starting to agree. Here's why.

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lifeisgamesok588d ago (Edited 588d ago )

I agree game streaming will affect the way games are made for the worst

And ownership is the best for the game industry

isarai588d ago (Edited 588d ago )

It's just a crappier way to play games with even more aspects of ownership stripped from you. I don't even like digital but at least if a game gets taken down you're usually still allowed to download it as long as it's part of your purchased history, or if thats gone you can still play it as long as you still have it downloaded.

Streaming strips even that away from you, if a game gets taken off the store, well thats it, you cant play it, and thats not even taking into account the inherent DRM of streaming.

It's a neat tech and it has its place, but the push/mindset to make it the mainstream way to play honestly scares the crap outta me as that would be something that absolutely kills this hobby for me no question.

terstomp587d ago (Edited 587d ago )

The corporations are pushing streaming for one reason. Money. Streaming will require a subscription, and they know that subscriptions are a gold mine.

johndoe11211587d ago

This should be the shortest article ever written.

The case against streaming:
You don't own your games and without the internet you're screwed, the end. Thanks for reading my article.