The Division 2 - Is Now A Good Time To Start Playing? Yes.

A new expansion is coming to The Division 2 in March. But why wait when there's so much to do in game today?

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TheRealTedCruz5d ago

Dirt cheap, thus more people are playing. It's a genuinely good game, just like one original. Play while it's it's still properly supported, I guess :/
I know that the original had a rebirth, but not sure it will happen this time.

sprinterboy5d ago

Not bought it yet, too busy with ctr trophies but loved division 1 and division 2 beta.
Can't wait too dive in later this year

L7CHAPEL5d ago

I'm one of those people that was just really angry and crushed when the first division came out in the state that it did and that it really in single player wasn't playable far too many difficulties and then I'm finally putting it together after a year going back in playing at finishing it and was really astounded by how much fun it was.
Fast-forwarding, when I was finishing the game still had about a good week or two play left on it,
is when division 2 came out, I went ahead and played something else and something else after that, and gave it about three or four months before I jumped into the division 2 and I feel it's an substantial improvement on the first one, and they stayed on top of iterating on it and fixing it.
it's been a lot of fun and it's one of the few, if any, service games that really shows the model can be done very well...

Duke195d ago

Game was like $2.99 on PSN last night (maybe still is) - I bought it for that price just simply so my lazy ass doesn't have to swap out my disk version with other games when the expansion comes out

gtxgamer25d ago

It's 3$ until march 3rd (saw in the NA store)

L7CHAPEL5d ago

I literally did exactly the same thing, and I'm mailing my physical disk to a friend of mine.

AK915d ago

Not into GaaS but if its cheap why not?

L7CHAPEL5d ago

I feel it's probably the one big exception and I played a bit of destiny and I thought that was actually quite good but this game bypassed a lot of the bullshit, plus the moment-to-moment combat encounters, It would keep me playing it, and I have to say I think the AI program in it is better than a lot of games I've seen over many years, they'll spread/ suppress you, try to trap you into a fixed position and eliminate you, you can get into an open fire fight on the street and other patrols down the street and other factions nearby will hear the fight and Join into it, there's a lot of things that gameplay-wise occur naturally and organically. I'm very surprised by it, makes it difficult, it's not a pussy's game, but it's way fun

GamerDad825d ago

Survival. No excuses Ubisoft. You’re player base will grow, I promise.