Should BioWare Salvage Anthem?

After an abysmal launch, months of technical difficulties and the outright failure to inspire any enthusiasm in its player base, it looked like the writing was on the wall for BioWare’s Anthem. BioWare declared their intent to save the game recently, but should they?

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PhoenixUp7d ago

Can Bioware salvage themselves?

AK915d ago

This is the real question that needs to be answered.

TheRealTedCruz7d ago

This is the last ditch effort for Bioware. Unless this somehow turns into a cash cow for Bioware, I'm under the impression that we're going to see EA shut them down by the end of the year. With or without Dragon Age releasing.

They should have stayed independent. Or at least found a more reasonable publisher to sign with. The only game not tainted by the partnership was the original Dragon Age, and that's likely only for the fact it was basically completed prior to their purchase.

shadowraiden5d ago

only thing that should be salvaged is the flying and who ever designed the mech suits.
rest of the game is not worth it.