Bayonetta 10th Anniversary Remaster Preview (PS4) | Hey Poor Player

Bayonetta is back. And now, thanks to the delightful folks at Sega and developer PlatinumGames, everyone’s favourite umbran witch looks to finally get the Playstation release she deserves.

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FallenAngel1984389d ago (Edited 389d ago )

“The history between PlayStation and Bayonetta has been a complicated one.”

That’s quite the understatement.

Many people have derided the PS3 port over the years, yet it still remains the best selling version of the game amongst all other platform versions.

Very complicated history indeed.

darthv72389d ago

It had its issues but it was still playable. It just shows the quality of the story and premise was more powerful than its flaws. It's a good game on all the platforms I own it for. Hopefully more people pick up the remaster now than they did the initial run.

FallenAngel1984389d ago

When I completed the game on PS3 it ran fine for me so I didn’t see the issue many people keep complaining about. They might’ve patched it or something but I had a just as great a time on it there as I did on Wii U.

kreate388d ago

There are no issues after the patch.

Abcdefeg389d ago

Bayonetta and the censored version of ninja gaiden 2 were some of my biggest dissappointments on the ps3

Smellsforfree389d ago (Edited 389d ago )

I'm still not sure what to expect with this re-release. Is this going to essentially play like a "One X Enhanced" backwards compatible 360 game? Higher resolution, more stable frame rates, some extra filtering --?? Are there improved assets as well such as textures and onscreen UI elements?

Terry_B389d ago

Its basically the PC version that is available since a good while..and available for less than 10 bucks often.

Concertoine389d ago (Edited 389d ago )

If you put the 360 disc in, you will get the 360 game upscaled from 720p with a better framerate and no screen tear. No textures etc are altered. This is because bayonetta was never “One X enhanced” like say Fallout 3, it was just made backwards compatible.

This is a port of the PC version which has higher res textures.

gamer7804389d ago

oh good to know, I didn't realize it would have higher res textures, can't wait, finally Bayo in 4k/60, deserves no less!