Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem - Release Trailer

The release trailer for Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem that is leaving early access on Steam on February 13, 2020 is here

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Terry_B6d ago

Played the game now for a bit above an hour and am liking it so far, seems like a great alternative to Diablo, PoE and Grim Dawn

Lon3wolf5d ago

Can't wait to play this once they add the controller support (been waiting for that since backing this on KS), PoE and GD are great for me on the controller.

Christopher6d ago

Character design looks boring and played out, but gameplay looks like it could be good.

Lon3wolf5d ago

Trouble is if they go for this type of setting/aesthetic I'm not sure how they can make the characters look any different within that.

Christopher5d ago

Whatever they do, it will obviously involve massive shoulder armor pieces and other massive armor pieces over other armor.

Spenok5d ago

This looks like an exceptional Diablo clone. I'm super interested.