Call of Duty: World at War Review from Snappy Gamer

Overall, Call of Duty: World at War will keep you occupied if you're looking for some multiplayer WWII fun, but the single player campaign's many frustrating points, including clichéd set pieces and juxtaposed Rambo/serious subject matter, is extremely disappointing, if not unsurprising. Bring on the next Infinity Ward developed Call of Duty.

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dale13713d ago

multi play equals fun ,single campaign equals frustration i think this game only deserves an 7/10 score.single play is border useless theres to many guys on your own team getting in the way.i think the next call of duty should be online only 32 player dedicated servers.some peoples bandwidth is useless in these peer to peer match ups,love the online when you take your own party knowing you have solid host connection outside that it can be a bit of a pain.