Why Microsoft Shouldn’t Underestimate Sony Next-Gen

Considering the Xbox's place in the current generation, Microsoft shouldn't keep its eyes off Sony or Nintendo just yet.

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Jin_Sakai7d ago

Never underestimate the power of PlayStation. The PS5 reveal will crash the internet. Can’t wait to see some 1st party games in action running in PS5.

lifeisgamesok7d ago

I'm trying to be patient but I'm so ready to start seeing these new PS5 games :D

I have a feeling the PS5 reveal will be a big showing and we'll be very impressed

pwnmaster30005d ago

Microsoft is not underestimating Sony. It’s gaming journalist that’s underestimating Sony and creating a narrative that Microsoft is underestimating Sony.

FanboysKiller5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

No no no , it's the media critics who controls the narrative, look at killzone shadow fall "even though I'm an xbox guy" back in 2013 and now ,there is a huge difference when you praise the game now and then, in 2013 if you praised it you'll receive a backlash from the media for no logical reason but now it's understandable. I really hate when they rate the games and call it just a number.

Spicyram5d ago

That's what im seeing as well mate

silenthillstrangler5d ago

Always tempter your expectations, even if it is a powerhouse the first gen games usually aren't that mind blowing.

leejohnson2225d ago

You say that and it's true to a degree but I was really impressed with killzone shadow fall with PS4 launch. I do always hate how sparse and limited launch line ups are. I wish they had enough games that I had a hard time deciding what title to buy first

hardcorehippiez5d ago

I have a sneeking suspicion that theyre going to reveal a new socom on ps5.Theyre latest add is sort of throwing out them vibes . If that happens well the internet will most certainly explode.

leejohnson2225d ago

I just can't see any monumental shift in install base at this point, hardcore xb fans will always be loyal but the numbers won't change dramatically from this gen in my view. Sony seem to always cater to a wide audience and have something for everyone. They gamble on very small niche games as well as having huge exclusive titles

CorndogBurglar5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

That's all true. But the big reason why the install base won't suddenly shift to Xbox at launch is because people just don't trust Xbox yet.

They drove off a ton of their fans when they announced the Xbox One, and they did literally nothing to win those fans back. Sure they started buying game companies, but we haven't even started seeing or hearing about any games those companies are making for Xbox. And let's not forget that MS already said they won't be releasing any Xbox X exclusives for the first year...

It's going to take a while for MS to win back any meaningful amount of their old player base. And assuming they do everything right, it will likely take half this new gen (at least) before people start going back. By then Sony will be far ahead of them.

If MS is going to start being real competition that is on level with Sony, it won't start until the 10th gen. Because they have to spend this gen winning people back. If they can.

badz1495d ago

So...what the article is saying is, the big loser of this gen shouldn't underestimate the big winner this gen and the one who is selling the most consoles in the history of the industry?

Wow...where did these journalist get their brain from?

SyntheticForm4d ago

These headlines lately are so silly and downright dumb. "Why Microsoft shouldn't underestimate Sony." Well, no one should underestimate anyone.

I don't think Microsoft are competing with Sony just as I don't think Nintendo are competing with anyone - they're doing their own thing. Now, this doesn't mean that these companies aren't each other's competition because they are, but again, they all have their own way of doing things but I digress.

This headline is dumb, and I'm sure the article doesn't fare any better.

CorndogBurglar4d ago

Yeah.......that doesn't make sense. How can they not be competing with each other, but be each other's competition?

They all want to be the company that is selling the most consoles. Because, as a company, you want to sell as much of your products as possible. That's only natural.

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FallenAngel19847d ago

PlayStation has beaten Xbox every generation. It’d be beyond foolish to underestimate them, especially since Sony’s brand has more global appeal than Microsoft’s.

Vokun5d ago

Sony has never beat MS. You win the generation by having the overall best platform, and MS have always been FAR ahead of Sony in that area.

elazz5d ago

So you're not from universe 616 right?

The Wood5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

What did I just read.

Grow as a human and give credit where it's due. Microsoft didn't just get beaten, they got phanos'd. Half of the metrics they used to tout and brag about just disappeared

leejohnson2225d ago

Stockholm syndrome in full swing

DJStotty5d ago

There is no denying that Sony has the largest audience, and the brand name is more widespread than xbox, anyone saying otherwise has rose tinted glasses on.

Being an xbox owner since the original xbox, it has never been in doubt that Sony has always sold more consoles than Microsoft.

But Microsoft are getting better at what they do and i think next-gen will be an improvement on this one for them and i expect the Series X to outsell the xbox one by a comfortable margin.

fathertime44645d ago

The ps4 didn't randomly start making installs a thing! The systems don't have a fast enough drive to stream the game off of a blue ray disk. However sony did make play as you install a thing. One was mandatory the other is a nice option that everyone appreciates.

bluepets5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

sony literally bodied microsoft in games and sales.

what are you on?

Ceaser98573615d ago

"Sony has never beat MS. You win the generation by having the overall best platform, and MS have always been FAR ahead of Sony in that area."

Good Morning misinformed Sir . Never make a fool out of yourself if you DONT know things and a quick google search will educate you. Have a Lovely day ahead. Cheers!

Vokun4d ago

@The Wood

Oh the irony. Microsoft does most things better than Sony, yet you refuse them the credit and try and pass it on to Sony instead. Fool.


You shouldn't use words you don't understand in public. It makes you look stupid and desperate.


And here you go on taking about sales and brand awareness, yet none of those has squat to do with what console and platform is superior... Fail.


Yes they are, so you should stop taking them immediately, mmkay?


Explain what? How Xbox dominated the PS2 in power, features, online, had built-in harddrive, better DVD-player, 1080i output, DD hardware encoder and the best controller, and also put out the first iteration of some of the biggest and most valuable game-IP's in history that Sony and hundreds of third parties has tried to counter ever since, but failed to match? Yeah sure.


Sure, Sony offered more good first party titles this gen (except MS have better titles in each respective genres where they actually go head-to-head), but 99% of the total library is still dominated by third party which is available on both platforms, and they all look and run better on Xbox and you get the superior Xbox ecosystem to boot and don't have to deal with Sony's terrible anti-consumer policies. Basically if you buy ANY third party game on PS4 you pay the same price for a much worse product.


Lol, any quick Google search will tell you I'm right, so stop failing you twat.


Unlike the rest of you retards I'm not basing my views on fanboyism, emotions, spin and lies and I just go by facts and what history has already show us to be true, and MS have had the best consoles and ecosystems for 19 years straight now while Sony plays 'follow the leader' and tries copying the competition at every turn but failing to match them with their half-assed lazy attempts and hard core anti-consumerism. I don't even play on any of these shitty consoles as I'm all about PC, so I'm a neutral third party without any clouded view like all you wacko console warriors have, however, I'm not gonna sit back and let you delusional liars go rampant either when you sit there and spew your bullshit, so someone has to put you in your place. You guys clinging on to sales as THE last measurement of victory is both laughable and pathetic as console sales doesn't reflect the quality of the product and has ZERO effect on you as a consumer.

Deal with it.

The Wood4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Bro. . You just doubled down on delusion and stupidness. Two question. A Do you believe Microsoft are where they planed or want to be. . Last. Secondly, are you having a bad day like honestly ? ?

You call me a fool and another guy a twat because I, plus others hurt your brittle ego. Sony curb stomped Microsoft. Deal with the facts. Trying to find any minute thing to claim a win shows how desperate people like yourself have become. We can only laugh at you for that comment and the real irony embedded within it. I hope you don't get your comment marked for the name calling as I think more people should read it for entertainment.

Vokun3d ago

@The Wood

I'm obviously right, and you completely fail to make any counter arguments what so ever. PlayStation is inferior, always has been, and there is no way to sugarcoat that fact.

You think Sony is where they wanted to be? 4th generation in a row they have the worst platform. They have nothing to compete with when it comes to the streaming future so they had to go to their main competitor and beg to use their Azure servers even after wasting all that money on acquiring Gaikai. The cost of developing games keeps increasing drastically and they are still stuck with a laughable low ~100 million user base which is abysmal considering how many gamers are actually out there, so all they are doing with their entire exclusive-bullshit by desperately trying to keep their console relevant is throttling their sales and losing them money. PS3 almost bankrupted them and PS4 is the only thing keeping the entirety that is Sony afloat currently, and they are already being absolutely obliterated in the streaming future by MS with new competitors on the rise like, Google, Amazon and even Geforce Now, and Sony have almost nothing to bring to the table on their own in the streaming without leeching off of other companies, so you just know that must be stressing them out of their mind. They are even too scared to even announce ANYTHING about PS5 currently until MS shows their hand, so what does that tell you? Lol.

Being in complete denial doesn't help you here, sorry pal.

DJStotty2d ago


I know you must be that guy, but i have never owned a Sony system in my life. I am not a fanboy, i too deal with facts. The FACT is that Sony has won this gen in console sales hands down.

The software tie ratio may be higher on xbox, and they may have the superior networking infrastructure, but that alone does not make you money. Like i said Microsoft have made massive improvements over the years.

If, like you say, you base your comments on facts, well here are the facts, having the best/most powerful console in history, does not win a gen or make your console the best selling. Look at the Switch as a prime example, outselling the xbox one globally, and fast catching PS4. (will be close at end of life)

If, as you stated, you are a PC gamer only, then why oh why are you so bothered about how Microsoft have had the best consoles, and some of the best 1st party games (which you wouldn't have started playing till about 3/4 years ago as they were exclusive to xbox)

The fact that in your essay, it felt like you were shouting as you typed, to try and get your opinion across, states everything about your stature, when it comes to the console market. You sound really angry and are taking the console war more personally than anyone else i have read here.

The Wood2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

'I'm obviously right, and you completely fail to make any counter arguments what so ever. PlayStation is inferior, always has been, and there is no way to sugarcoat that fact'

Dude just look at how you talk. . . That essay of self righteous opinions aren't facts. I thought you might of been bantering but you actually believe that drivel you spewed. Why is no other xbox fan on this site backing your many claims. Xbox are in the industry because of Sony. They've not bested them. If you can't see or acknowledge how severely Sony beat xbox then I just have to risk calling you ignorant. How can you champion such a cash rich company that has such weak output then have the gaul to swerve to less important metrics because you have no choice. It's about the games and sales usually follow. Having the most powerful console implies your gen only started when the x1 came out. . . How sad is that. . .Games push the industry forward and if you haven't noticed, Sony has had more critically acclaimed games than Microsoft has had. It's been one sided because they support their consoles for a whole gen. Only I've blind can't see that. Just look at this year. . . alone

Dreams, Yakuza, The Last of Us, Ghost of Tsushima. Nioh 2. . There are more including VR. . . What's xbox got. . . . .

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Orionsangel5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

In sales, but not in relevance. The 360 was the most relevant console of it's gen. So much so that PS3 started copying what the 360 was doing. Trophies copying Achievements. Sending voice messages on XBL. PS3 couldn't do that for the longest time. PSN lagged behind XBL. XBL was the place to be. Where all the cool kids were and you know this. Somehow Sony fanboys forget the terrible PS3 launch and how it played catch up most of that generation. So don't downplay it because you're so loyal to a brand. Be honest. I don't celebrate corporations getting richer. I celebrate the console that gave me the most bang for my buck. That was the 360 and I owned both 360 and PS3. Don't get me wrong either. I love the PS3, but I can step back and be honest and objective here since I don't ever own just one console every gen that I feel I must protect at all cost.

TheTony3165d ago (Edited 5d ago )

The 360 was mostly irrelevant outside of the US and maybe the UK. Same with the OG Xbox and Xbone.

remixx1165d ago (Edited 5d ago )

"where all the cool kids were at" is perhaps the dumbest shit I've read in a while.

I hope you know making up fake metrics like "in relevance" just sounds stupid. As a corporation you win in sales and brand recognition which pretty much equals relevance. That is where Sony won and taking good ideas from the competition that help generate profit while combining them with your own ideas is just smart business. I mean didn't MS slap a blue ray player into their next know they pay BDA which Sony is a part of for that.

I had 2 360s last gen and both became door stoppers due to ROD so I don't wanna hear anything about "bang for your buck". Also if your going to talk about ps3s "terrible launch" and how it played catch up then maybe you should mention how it launched a year later as well as at a higher price and stayed more expensive the whole gen yet still outsold xbox...also 360s launch streak of bricked consoles is no where near pretty in fact it's even uglier than ps3s launch.

Since we're talking bang for your buck, didn't Microsoft heavily cut exclusive release for the 360 during it's last 3 years while Sony supported PS3 with exclusives till the day the PS4 dropped. Hell PS3 had 8 big releases in 2013 alone with tlou and grab Turismo being 2 of them.

You dirt fling the word fanboy and claim objectivity but c'mon bro your comment is riddled with bias...real pot kettle black

"Where all the cool kids were at" lol this shit was so funny to read I can't believe someone actually typed this.

DarXyde5d ago

Owning every console doesn't make you objective. You can easily own one because you made the objective assessment that it is not worth it to own both. Everyone has preferences.

Sure, PS3 was functionally behind in some respects. Likewise, Xbox 360 didn't support HDMI until the hardware was revised. Xbox didn't have Games with Gold until Sony made Plus. Xbox didn't allow for software installs on Xbox 360 until Playstation made that standard.

In terms of hardware engineering, Sony is remarkably solid, and Xbox trails them. In terms of network features, Xbox has been pretty solid and Sony still has work to do.

Clearly, both have their strengths, but I wholeheartedly disagree that Xbox 360 was the most relevant console of its generation. In the beginning, sure. That's hard to dispute. But really, once Sony got things into full swing, it never stopped.

Orionsangel5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

@TheTony316 You guys have bad memories or choose to remember it a certain way. Yes, where all the cool kids were at is an expression. Xbox Live ruled for online gaming in that era. It's a fact no one can deny unless you're in denial. PSN was not that great for online gaming during that era.

@remixx1116 Even something like the RROD which hurt MS at the time financially was good press. Everyone was talking about the 360. It became memes. I'm not saying the PS3 didn't eventually become relevant that gen, but when most think back to that era in terms of press coverage, online gaming, message boards and being a phenomenon. That was the Xbox 360 back then. I'm talking U.S. only of course.

I know most of you want MS to fail, but you can't always be biased arrogant Sony fanboys. You gotta be honest once in a while give credit where credit is due. For example I say, Sony has owned this current generation completely. Both in relevance and sales.

remixx1165d ago (Edited 5d ago )


When did I say I wanted Microsoft to fail, you seem to have a projection issue.

You keep flinging around the word fanboy yet your the biggest fanboy clown in this thread stop claiming your being object cuz your camouflage ain't working.

You ever see something so stupid it offends you? Like when you go to the grocery store and see someone left hamburger meat on the cereal aisle next to the frosted flakes, your like damn what lazy idiot did this?? That's your comments. You are the hamburger left on the cereal aisle guy.

I mean hell you actually just typed that ROD was good press, like who thinks that?? That was probably one of MS biggest regrets regarding Xbox hands down. You are on a roll with these dumb statements. Also there you go creating metrics again lol "US only" as if that's the only place in the world that it's the only place you could think of where your favorite box was most relevant.

Lastly you choose to talk about "choosing to remember things a certain way" yet that's all you've been doing to try and push your narrative. Not to mention aren't you a gamer? Shouldn't which company delivered the best on games quality and quantity be what's most important to you not which was most talked about in your home town. That clearly shows your a fanboy for Xbox. Throughout this entire discussion you haven't once mentioned the subpar offerings from MS this gem and last gen in comparison to sony and ninty. Fake promises, 3rd party deals, cancelled games and over reliance on the same 3 franchises for well over a decade doesn't make a great customer product.

Last question, why didn't you reply to datkxyde who punched a hole in one of your metrics?

WillyC0095d ago


Lol I’m hoping this is satire? Please me can some people be so foolish and oblivious to reality?

Orionsangel5d ago

@remixx116 My opinions shouldn't offending you. It's just my take on it. I had a better experience with the Xbox 360 and I saw it as more relevant at the time. All my online friends were on XBL. It was like a party over there and PSN seemed like an old folks home.

@Darxyde "Clearly, both have their strengths, but I wholeheartedly disagree that Xbox 360 was the most relevant console of its generation. In the beginning, sure"

I kind of agree with most of what he said and he kind of agrees with me. I can meet in the middle. He's right the hardware engineering Sony had was remarkably solid, but unfortunately the cell processor made it harder to develop games for PS3.

I fling the word fanboy around because some of you are fanboys. For some of you Sony can do no wrong. It gets to be too much how you put down MS and arrogantly brag about Sony. Why can't we love both consoles?

@WillyC009 How can someone be so arrogant? You're getting worked up over opinions.

remixx1165d ago (Edited 5d ago )


You are right we can love both. It's just a piece of plastic and I judge each one individually. Ps2 was great, Xbox was great, PS3 was great, 360 wasn't very good, PS4 has been great, Xbox one has once again not been very good. MS is shaping up to have a great next gen so we can only wait and see.

Sony can definitely do plenty of wrong, (April 2012 anyone) but still overall they have done amazingly for me as a consumer. The 360 though was one of the most sour spots in my gaming history. 2 bricked consoles and a piss poor final 3 years was just a no go for me.

Also I had plenty of friends on PS3. Saying it felt like an old folks home sounds incredibly disingenuous and us a bit of a faux narrative

rainslacker5d ago

How does one measure relevance? Because as I see it, at best, MS can be said to have been as relevant as Sony last gen. Sony had more games than MS did, and had almost all the same games MS did, excluding 1st party stuff. Sony had significantly more games that MS didn't have though. NIntendo sold more, and had more software than both, and had publishers making games for it all gen.

I'm curious how you actually measure relevance, because it seems like an arbitrary thing to rate, and about the only way one could measure relevance would be in sales versus the perception in the market. Sales, Sony still won, Nintendo beat both. Perception, I think both PS3 and 360 were seen as completely viable options to the consumer at large, and neither really had a significant advantage over the other there.

Features don't really make a console relevant. I mean, Sony isn't more or less relevant this gen because they were the first to do game streaming built into the core of the system. it's just a feature.

DJStotty2d ago

Got too admit i still have my 360, it was the place to play at the time, but somehow the Microsoft suits lost sight of that.

Thankfully with Phil and Co at the helm, xbox is starting to get back to the place to play and i am looking for more details on the Series X (mainly the cost)

Orionsangel2d ago


I measure relevance by popularity. What everyone is talking about in the media and social media and between friends. I'm not saying that PS3 didn't have that either, but Xbox 360 set the foundation for that gen with Xbox Live. It was the place to be. The most sales don't mean anything to me. You can sell the most but it doesn't mean you're the best or most relevant. It means people bought something the most, but did they enjoy what they bought? Did they play it a lot? We can't measure that. We can measure the party going on in Xbox Live. It was an EPIC glorious time for gaming with Xbox Live. PSN was a lonely place. You one console owners will never know. Today though things are different. I admit that. PS4 dominates this gen in every way.

Orionsangel2d ago

@DJStotty gets it.

While arrogant Sony fanboys don't wanna give MS credit for anything. So much resentment towards MS.

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tinchotin5d ago

Don't underestimate Xbox foolishness. They never disappoint.

Zeref2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

They didn't beat 360 lastgen. Yes they caught up eventually by a million or two but by that time the gen was already over, besides the 360 was overall the best system even when you don't consider sales.

It had party chat, Achievements, Best UI, Best controller, reasonable price,
Best 1st party game quality, best graphics and best online infrastructure.

Sony had to copy half of that before people started considering playstation again.

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Echo_7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Sorry not sorry cheatcc but I'm gonna have to add you to the category of BS along with Forbes.

How does one underestimate a company that has had the most market share for three out of four generations, and has been very successful in all generations.

Xbox, not Microsoft, has always been the underdog. No one expects Xbox to supersede PlayStation in the market.

I know you need to make the most of ignorant fanboys for clicks but you need to do better but you'll never do better lol

Juusterey5d ago

oh yeah
whenever I see that .cc at the end, I'm out

Thundercat777d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Microsoft is not underestimating Sony and Nintendo. They just cannot compete against them so they have moved their goalpost in order to look not so bad.

For Xbox, It is better to report how many zombies have been killed than actual sales.

It is better to be compared to Google and Amazon in gaming than being compared to Sony and Nintendo. I know is pathetic but that's how Microsoft deals with its situation.

Orionsangel5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

"599 U.S. dollars" What seemed outrageous to gamers in 2006 is now gonna be the norm in 2020. $599 for the unit itself with 2tb and one controller. Bundled for $699.

rainslacker5d ago

And the $499 launch PS3 was outrageous as well? What does that make the $499 OGX1 and the X1X?

You're spreading a narrative that was disingenuous even at the time to make an argument now. It's not really helping your argument.

I think it would be more prudent to wait until the prices are revealed before trying to state fact to discredit Thundercat's argument.

Orionsangel5d ago

@rainslacker It's just a prediction. It's fun to speculate.

TheSaint5d ago

ANd I get paid more than I did in 2006, it's called inflation.

CaptainCook7d ago

Why are you comparing them both when they haven't fully announced the specs?

Orionsangel5d ago

Because Sony fanboys are arrogantly resentful towards MS and want Sony to rule the world. They want fewer choices apparently.

Einhander19714d ago

The trouble is MS don't give us more different choices to choose Xbox over Playstation. If there were more amazing exclusives on Xbox I would own one.