The Ninth Generation Of Consoles Must Leave 30FPS Behind

Current in-game options force console players to pick between quality or performance when they want both. The next high-end hardware could finally change that.

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Jin_Sakai7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Just give me the option for 60fps and I’ll be fine. Can’t stand 30fps with sluggish controls. The controller input is twice as responsive which to me is much more important than eye candy. And that’s coming from someone who craves graphics.

TheGamez1007d ago

Was about to say the same. Devs just need to give us the option and most gamers will prefer the higher framerate option. But there are still those that will prefer the better gfx/res option too.

Rude-ro6d ago

And those people would change their minds if they saw high refresh rates with a lower resolution.
1440p at 140hz with high time mid range settings not only plays better but looks better than 4k at 30 to 60 fps.

Games move.. that is literally the trick to gaming... and how much clearer that image is will be due more to how fast it moves Vs resolution. Resolution is image size more than clarity.

frostypants6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

@rude-ro no TV is gonna be native 140hz. Most aren't even 120.

DarXyde5d ago

Resolution and visuals over frame rate has always been a strange choice for me.

I tried Ni-Oh at 30fps for like, 2 minutes, and switched back immediately. Did the same for The Last of Us Remastered.

I will never understand that preference frankly, but hey, some people would rather a lower frame rate if it means they get more shadows.

Unspoken6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Hardware limitations, parity between console versions, and most console users accustomed to 30 fps vs increased graphics setting, not including resolution, seem to have been the reasons for this lack of increase in visual information and much more fluid and better looking gameplay.

Without the ability to experience 60fps+ some console users will continue to be ok with 30 fps.

343 did a great job of focusing on frame rate over resolution making the gameplay feel immensely satisfying in an fps.

kythlyn6d ago

As long as developers keep chasing photo-realism, 30fps games will exist. I would love a 60fps minimum standard, but I don't see it happening unfortunately.

NapalmSanctuary4d ago

Photo-realism is so over rated.

Vokun5d ago

Lol, 60fps... Your standards are low as usual.

NapalmSanctuary4d ago

60fps is industry standard for TVs. Some TVs go as high as 120 fps, but not many. Framerates higher than 60 is pretty much a PC exclusive gaming perk. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see 120fps become the industry standard for TVs and consoles but the industry is weirdly obsessed with pixel counts at the moment.

Vokun4d ago (Edited 4d ago )


Actually, in modern TV's the 120hz is the most common while the more expensive models have 240hz. 60FPS is garbage and not a framerate anyone should be 'fine' with regardless of resulution. I'll take rock solid 1440p @120fps++ any day over 4K or 8K.

But yeah you're right about the industry being annoyingly obsessed with pixel counts. It's much easier to sell to clueless casuals which unfortunately means the majority of people out there.

TheEroica5d ago

This poor guy has a ton of down votes and he's speaking the truth.... Gameplay response will always be more important than graphics. It's not even a comparison.

bluefox7555d ago

Not sure why you're getting downvoted, everything you said is true. I can't imagine willingly choosing resolution over 60fps.

SyntheticForm5d ago

As long as a game controls well and feels good to play, I can do with both 30 or 60. It's about the game and its content, and while 60 is better, 30 certainly isn't a deal breaker.

Most of the best games I've played this gen I've played at 30. Still, it depends on the game. For God of War, I wanted that crispness of the checkerboard 4K over the smoothness of 60 at a lower resolution.

Imortus_san5d ago

Sony AAA games this gen have been 30fps or lower 80%+ of the times.

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Echo_7d ago

They should but will they? I would like to believe that Devs/publisher can finally push 60frames because games already look pretty especially with the upcoming hardware upgrade.

GamerRN6d ago

30fps isn't that bad with certain games

xander707696d ago

I agree with you, but even in those cases the games would still benefit from 60fps anyways. Performance has always been neglected in favor of graphical improvements generation after generation. It's high time we start seeing performance upgrades across the board now, in my opinion of course.

SlagWolf6d ago

If you are playing sone thing like a turn based rpg or any thing that doesn’t require fast movement 30fps isn’t a big deal but FPS,TPS, Action games, Sports games or pretty much any thing else a higher refresh rate is better

GamerRN6d ago

Would benefit from 60fps of course but the reason you are getting 30 is because the graphics are bumped way up

Tross6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Yeah, it's perfectly serviceable for a VN. FPS though? You want 60FPS if at all possible. On a side note, it just occurred to me that putting certain gamer acronyms side-by-side is a terrible idea. Regardless, you do not want to play a FPS at 30FPS if you have a choice.

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Neonridr7d ago

problem is I don't think 60fps will be a standard for all titles at 4K resolutions. So that 4K/30 option is going to remain.

xander707696d ago

I'm willing to bet there are a lot of gamers who would prefer 1080P/60 over 4K/30. I don't see why they can't offer the option to choose either in games.

Cobra9516d ago

Yep. I'm one. My PC monitor is 1080p, by choice. 60 fps is not difficult at all at this resolution, with middling PC specs.

Xb1ps46d ago

Well you lost one bet... I sure as hell didn’t buy a 4k lg oled just to play in 1080p..

I’m willing to bet that those that prefer 1080 is only because your tv is 1080p

Smellsforfree6d ago

Umm, no @XB1ps4. 30 fps is like a slide show compared to 60 fps and for games that require fast response time from me, I'll take 60fps at 1080p over 30fps at 4k any day of the week. And, yes I have a very nice 4k HDTV which shouldn't surprise anyone today.

I_am_Batman5d ago (Edited 5d ago )


Speaking of losing bets. I have an LG C9 and I absolutely don't want devs to waste resources on native 4k. To be fair though, I'm not advocating for 1080p either. Reconstruction from 1440p and higher will be sufficient in terms of resolution and will leave a lot more recources for graphical fidelity and frame rate.

I wouldn't look at resolution and frame rate as two unrelated issues. Both play a crucial role in how our brains perceive the displayed information. We're not talking about still images here, but an interactive gaming experience. The resolution limits how much information can be displayed in a single frame, while the frame rate limits how often this information gets updated. If we look at it as information/second it becomes clear that both of those factors play an important role. The problem is that we're maxing out on the resolution axis while mostly neglecting the performance axis. On top of that the frame rate also has a direct effect on the button-to-pixel delay, which impacts how responsive a game feels.

Neonridr5d ago

@Xb1ps4 - yes but you can still play the game at 1440p or 1800p and it will upconvert nicely and then give you that added framerate. I'd trade off a little fidelity for smoother gameplay. I have a C9 and an E6 as well, so I am a full supporter of LG OLED's as well. Beautiful TV's.

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Larrysweet6d ago

itll all be 4k 60 they ain't dumb least first party

JackBNimble6d ago

Doubtful, sounds like resolution gate is still a thing.

jonivtec6d ago

Yeah....4k 60 is quite demanding......most aaa intensive graphic game will run 4k 30fps pretty sur about that.

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curtain_swoosh7d ago

30 fps never bothered me tbh. id rather have a stable and consistent 30 instead of up n downs.

maybe its cause 60 just looks and feels weird to me. but thats just my opinion. its amazing for first person shooters tho.

WickedLester6d ago

It depends on the game. For racing/sports, fighting, competitive first/3rd person shooters, etc I do think 60fps is very important. However anything else, I leave it at the discretion of the developers.

NapalmSanctuary4d ago

Racing games, fighting games, and fps/tps (not to mention melee action games) is where higher frame rates is most important.

jonivtec6d ago

For me dropping 60 to 30 fps is like passing from dolby surround to mono

Smellsforfree6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

If I have never played the game at 60 fps, then 30 fps doesn't bother me too much. Once I've played at 60 fps, 30 fps feels like a slideshow. I think for me it is most important to have solid frame rates. I would rather have a solid 30 fps than a 60 fps that occasionally drops down to 30 fps (Link's Awakening, I'm looking at you).

lifeisgamesok7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

I hope we still get some 30 FPS games because I want to see how far developers can push graphics too

33 ms per frame is a lot more time for graphics processing