Xbox Live still not fixed: Refund expected?

Last year when Xbox Live experienced outages for nearly two weeks during the holidays, Microsoft handed out a free arcade game. Since many gamers did not get a chance to play over the weekend, they should as least be entitled to some sort of compensation.

Give us your opinions - should Microsoft compensate for the recent Xbox Live connection issues?

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Silogon5717d ago

I love my xbox 360 but this is just absurd... Also, in the face of all the trash talking Gametrailers just did about PSN ahhahahahaha... man I wish more people understood what Sony gave you for nothing.

thebudgetgamer5717d ago (Edited 5717d ago )

fix it m$


Maxned5717d ago

I actually am not having any problems whatsoever

bloop5717d ago

No problems here either, maybe it's just in the states or something.

5717d ago
The Lazy One5716d ago

What are these people supposed to do all weekend if not play XBL?! Play an offline game? see a movie?! hang out with real friends?!?! OR DARE I SAY IT! GO OUTSIDE?!?!?!?!?!



it's 2-3 days. cry me a river. I guarantee that your ISP is worse than M$ as far as reliability, service time, and price are concerned.

Yipee Bog5716d ago

I would just randomly get disconnected from XBL. Oh well, haven't been on in a while to check it out. Is it fixed yet?

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Why o why5717d ago (Edited 5717d ago )

"Ive not had any issues cause ive been playing for 62 hours straight and nobody on my maxed out friends list has either. If a vocal minority are experiencing troubles it has to be something that 'they' have done like downloading torrents or rapidshare whilst trying to 'jump in'. If your cellphone company looses service for a few hours you wouldn't get anything back nor would you expect it yadda yadda yadda..."

in all honesty though you should be compensated if you've been really effected (not just a couple cut offs). If you haven't then you shouldn't. simple

killalot1005717d ago

i hope you are not one of those people that never got rrod and says it doesnt exist because it never happened to you. besides how bad is it really because its a given to have problems online around this time because there is so many new user. MS is going to do something about this because they have somewhat a good track record of fixing there online service. i hope fanboys dont bash this too much because we all know this is going to get fixed and it might be because they are getting ready for the new update. i havent been on live in a long time but to me it felt like the service should of cost no more then 29.99 a year. 49.99 is a good price too but 29.99 feels more reasonable.

pp5717d ago

So far i haven't had a problem.

Max Power5717d ago (Edited 5717d ago )

doesn't mean there aren't many who are having trouble.

Note: I also wouldn't expect you to come in and say, "yeah gears2 for president and i can't play because i can't log on"

ultimolu5717d ago

Just because it's not happening to you doesn't mean it's not happening to others.

Oh pp...

she00win995716d ago

pp you don't really have a 360 do you? you wish you had 360 so you become 360 fanboy. poor you..

outlawlife5717d ago (Edited 5717d ago )

i still have yet to have any problems, been playing gears 2 throughout the entire weekend and didn't have any issues other than a couple laggy games with some aussies

they aren't going to compensate anyone when the problem is only affecting a fraction of the users for an extremely limited amount of time

this article is just rubbish

unless you can actually prove that you couldn't get online for several days and it isn't your fault then they aren't going to do anything

wicked5717d ago

I agree with you, I would also say it has gotten better, finding a horde match over the weekend was quick & easy, latter part of last week it was painful.

BlackTar1875716d ago

Booted us 3 or 4 time sin a 1 hr tiome frame on story. signed off onto LBP aaaand came back about 2 hrs later kept getting booted from my friend in gears so we went back to play LBP and came back into Horde mode got to lvl 8 3x was booted all 3 times. I live in cali my friend lives in ohio. So maybe there is a issue but I havent got to play to much gears due to the problem. it also carried over yesterday although we got to play for 3 hrs and then we got booted over and over.

On sunday my whole xbox live went down though not gears. and stayed down till around 8pm at which point i played left 4 dead demo and bounced.

Im having issues but I can careless I have so many games to pkay i kind of welcomed it.

n4gzz5717d ago (Edited 5717d ago )

I have several friends coming tonight and we are planing to play really late but ops, Online is not working. I called MS and they refunded $5.00 which is about month subscription.

will that make me happy gamer ? Of course, not.

Same applies to PSN too.

I want to invest on dependable service. Refund is not option.

Last week, I almost traded my R2 copy 'coz online sucked. Now its back to normal but I sent ugly message to Insomniac.

killalot1005717d ago

so what are u trying to say that paying and getting some of your money back is better then not paying at all?

butterfinger5717d ago

You don't have to pay for it. If you want to trade in a game because your internet is messing up for a short period of time, that's your perogative.

n4gzz5717d ago (Edited 5717d ago )

That's not what I was saying,
If they offer service and it's half as* and not dependable, I rather not have it.

just it is free doesn't mean it has to be unreliable. I won't have problem if they don't offer at all but if they do, they better make sure it works.

The Lazy One5716d ago

so stop paying for it if all you're going to do is b*tch about it every time it drops you.

It still has one of the best track records of any service available on the internet. If not being able to play a game online for 3 days is a deal breaker for you, you're going to be hard pressed to find a service you're not upset with.

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