New In-Game Event: Broken Hearts Day

Broken Hearts Day is fast approaching in the Borderlands, and Maurice, Sanctuary III's resident sentient Saurian, is hoping you'll assist with his ongoing study of the human condition as he turns his attention to our species' courting rituals. You'll be well rewarded for completing Maurice's challenges during this new seasonal event revealed on episode five of The Borderlands Show, and don't worry, you're not being asked to do anything inappropriate. Simply shoot down the floating hearts that are swirling around enemies across the galaxy as you go about your regular Vault Hunter business.

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rainslacker55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

level cap increase is nice, even if only 3 levels. Looking at the available bonuses from Marcus I have to ask, what is it about this game and it's hard on for dropping sniper rifles more than anything else except pistols? All that work for a sniper rifle. I like sniper rifles in BL2 with Zero, or even other characters, but BL3 is too easy to bother using them at a distance. Heck, I have a Atlus Q-System assault rifle that I keep getting upgrades to from the appreciation emails that already tears through everything...shields, armor, no time, even on TVHM, and the siren has so much self healing with the right shield or relic and abilities, t's pretty hard to die for what is essentially a dps class. To bring that back to the sniper rifle thing, the Q-System assault rifle is accurate enough to snipe enemies at a pretty good distance.

I won't even get into the ridiculously high drop rate for legendary items. I know people like better gear, but before I even finished the main campaign, I had 70 of them in my bank. They aren't anything special. BL2 I maybe had 15-20 by the time I got to the end of TVHM, across two play throughs with 2 different characters each.

Game isn't that bad in the game play department as some say it is. But they sure didn't balance the game very well. Maybe the special mode(forget what it's called but can be turned on and off), would provide more of a challenge.

KGEthan54d ago

I'm happy about the increase too, but I just wish it were a bit higher. I lost a lot of my motivation to play once I hit 50. And yeah I think BL 2 did a good job at making legendaries feel rare, but not too rare. BL 3 gameplay is far better though imo.

rainslacker54d ago

When I wrote the above comment, I had just come off a play session in the game, so it was something fresh on my mind, and I think I rambled on a bit.:)

As far as game play, I feel that BL2 provided more challenge. But the fluidity of the controls is better in BL3. It's easier to aim, even without aim assist. The biggest issue I have with BL3 is that the dificulty balance is just way off. I recall going into TVHM at level 49 on BL2, and having my ass handed to me and having to really learn to utilize cover, shock, and corrosive damage, as well as plan how I was going into a fight more. even for the most mundane of fights. BL3, I can just charge in, self heal, use procs that basically make you invulnerable, and have a shield which even when it breaks doesn't stay broken for long due to boosters. Then you get the tracker puck weapons and you can just run around in circles to kill any boss, and they provide plenty of easy to kill adds that you can get second winds on.

The story really isn't that interesting, and somehow, they gave even less agency to the player than they did in BL2....which was already at zero. The basics of the story are solid enough, but the antagonists are lame as hell. They're the kind of people I already hate, and they try to make them as charismatic as HJ was, but failed miserably, so whenever they talk, it's like watching a PewDiePie stream. I didn't realize how much I liked HJ until I played the first DLC, where he sort of kind of had a part. Hearing his lovable narcissism, and outward massive ego which was underlined by a fragile confidence made me realize just how good of a character he actually was. I'll even say probably one of the best antagonist of any game.

Anyhow, I'm currently halfway through TVHM on Eden-6, which is the most boring chapter of the game. I'm not sure I'll keep going to finish the level. I don't see the point in trying to get gear, so I'll likely just play it here and there, wait for the DLC from my season pass, play some events, and continue on my backlog. I'd still like to go back and get the platinums for BL2 and TPS.