Xbox May Leave PlayStation Behind, But Not For Another Generation, At Least

Reports of PlayStation's demise have been greatly exaggerated, even as Xbox claims to be moving on.

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There have not been reports of PlayStation's "demise"... that's just hyperbolic FUD.
ziggurcat344d ago WhoDisagree(0)Agree(0)
it's spam and toxic clickbait at this point. please ban. do not go to their site.
CoryHG345d ago WhoDisagree(0)Agree(3)
I am honestly concerned if Forbes has any idea what they are talking about.
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Community345d ago
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crazyCoconuts346d ago

Nobody click on it this time! Lol

Silly gameAr345d ago

I never do. This site, and a few other sites, I completely ignore reading or clicking, but I do usually check the comments, and it's usually a confirmation not to give the article the time of day.

The Wood345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

Tabloid Site

Rude-ro345d ago

It does not matter unless you take that advice and apply it here on n4g.

Either way, these types of headlines make their rounds due to the traffic and comments on this site.

Traffic is what brings this info into your basic search engines so that any unknowing consumer that searches for gaming would see this in their results.

I understand the irony of me posting to inform you/others... but sharing this info could lead to everyone just ignoring these media tactics used by companies to not only stay relevant, but to negate their media monopoly tactics to bring down/tarnish the competition.

fr0sty345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

"It'll happen, eventually! Maybe not this time, but it'll happen someday!"
Someone at Forbes must have found the memo the Xbox team sent to their bosses at Microsoft to try to justify dumping billions more into another console.

rainslacker345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

Even if I did, they wouldn't make money from me, because I won't turn my ad blocker off for them. Which means I can't read the article, because they care more about their clicks than their work, and prevent you from reading the article if you choose not to support their ad service.

Their titles, and people posting quotes in the forums is usually enough to really get the jist of what they're saying. In any case, articles like these are just ways that N4G users can use a spring board to discuss topics. I doubt anyone really cares what they have to say when we can just say what we want to say.

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lifeisgamesok346d ago

If I didn't know any better I would think that of all these pro Xcloud and pro Gamepass articles were paid for hmmm...

Chris12345d ago

You're just as bad as the article

jairusmonillas345d ago

It's really easy to spot a sponsored news now and days. It all starts with pro-xbox and neverending mention of gamepass and cloud crap.

battlegrog345d ago

Good thing is a good thing, no one needs a payout

pwnmaster3000345d ago

Ahh I love it when all fanboys can put there difference aside and agree on one thing..
Forbes definitely got to go.

345d ago
Relientk77345d ago

99% of Forbes articles now are just BS posts about PS5 and Xbox Series X lol

GaboonViper345d ago

I must have psychic powers 2pac, i somehow knew from the title it would be a Forbes article, very spooky.

dumahim345d ago

I'm about ready to flat out block the site. I've only done that once before, and that was gamingbolt.

Sayai jin345d ago

Strange, there were a few Xbox relayed articles that were less than flattering by Forbes and I saw no mention of the dislike for them as well. This site has renained the same since it began.

On tioic, Sony/PS4 dominated this gen with stellar games. They will deliver just as good or better games next year.
MS/Xbox as a company is planning on competing on a global market in and outside of consoles. They see cloud gaming as a growing medium. They have invested billions, R&D, infrastructure, etc in their cloud services, Azure. Cloud gaming is growing no matter of one's own personal preference. Hence, the MS and Sony partnership that will allow Sony to utilize Azure. A win for both.

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TK-66345d ago

But you've said the exact same thing as them in previous comments. Did you even read the article?

neutralgamer1992345d ago (Edited 345d ago )


Read Forbes paid sponsored articles about Xbox

TK-66344d ago


Dont tell me to read something when your unwilling to do the same.

lifeisgamesok346d ago

As long as Sony keeps making great games they aren't ever getting left behind, not next generation, the following generation, or the generations after that

YodaCracker345d ago

True, as long as they’re using Azure.

IRetrouk345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

Any server farm will do lol
Yep, games is where it's at, always will be, really looking forward to seeing what sonys devs do next gen, hopefully we get a few teases soon.

lifeisgamesok345d ago

With or without Azure. Personally, I'll never use cloud gaming

fiveby9345d ago

You realize Azure is just a platform. Pre-cloud days companies bought servers of which many ran MS software and services. Azure is not the only cloud platform either. Sony doesn't need to be a cloud provider to still be very successful in the gaming space. I wouldn't conflate Azure business with the xbox business at MS. Two very distinct Lines of Business at MS.

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Gunstar75345d ago

I assume that all of you consume your video and music content strictly via CD, vinyl, DVD and disc, generally, because to deny that gaming won't, at some point, be a streaming future is just silly.

Its gonna happen and you just can't get your head around the fact that Sony are not in a good position, neither are nintendo.

I personally hope they xbox, playstation and Nintendo all join forces using MS cloud to kick Google and Amazons arse.

I know which companies I prefer

rainslacker345d ago

Music I don't. I still buy CD's. I still buy BluRays and UHD's, but I also stream movies and TV. A future I can agree with. The one and only future, no, that's a ways off, and I've been around long enough to have seen MP3's and streaming movies be called the death of physical.

lifeisgamesok345d ago

I buy both my movies and games physical. As long as I can continue to do so, I'll continue gaming :)

Gunstar75345d ago

Bro. I'm with you. I own hundreds of blu-rays, still buy vinyl and have thousands of Cd's but I accept that gaming is gonna go digital and online only in the future.

1Victor345d ago

@gunstar I buy my game physical because if the internet goes down for whatever reason I can play my games and before anyone say anything about this happens on rural area only I live in NYC and although it’s rare internet blackouts happens.

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rainslacker345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

They're currently the leader of the market that is being talked about in this article. I'm not sure why it's MS leaving Sony behind, when Sony is already at the destination. MS is still on their way to the destination, and you have Stadia and that NVidia thing with their hats in the ring.

I kind of feel it makes more sense to wait until MS is showing growth in a market that they will eventually enter into, before claiming they're leaving the market leader of said market behind. At the very least, wait until MS officially releases in that market.

If MS is leaving the console behind, then no biggie. Maybe someone better will take their place. But, I fail to see the benefit of reducing your presense in a market where you're making a good amount of money in, even if you aren't the market leader. MS isn't failing in the console market, they just aren't doing as well as their competitors. But, that can always change as times or circumstances change, and if MS were to just leave the console market behind, they may find that in the future, they won't have such an easy time getting back into it if the tide swings back the other way.

Just look at all the publishers who chased after the MP market since last gen. This gen, they've shown some htis to their profits or revenues because they didn't diversify their portfolio enough. Now, the pendulum is swinging back towards SP being relevant again, and they have very few offerings, while those that stayed in the SP market are having some huge success stories. Not just Sony, but a good number of the Japanese publishers, Square and Namco being stand outs, and Nintendo.