Atlus Says Its Survey Asking About Switch Ports Exceeded Expectations

Last week, as you might have heard, Atlus – responsible for series like Persona and Etrian Odyssey – rolled out an online survey in Japan. One question that stood out for Nintendo fans was focused strongly on the Switch – asking users about the possibility of ports for the hybrid system.

This is the most feedback the company has ever received on one of its surveys.

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TheGamez10047d ago

I mean with the huge hype with joker in smash.... wasn't it obvious? Lol. A million+ extra sales missed opportunity for atlus/sega. Certainly hope they consider a port of p5 royal now.


If we get Persona 5, then PS fans deserve SMTV. That's just my opinion.

Neonridr46d ago

nobody deserves anything. It's a business to Atlus. Maybe they feel there is more money to be made from making Persona for Switch than making Shin Megami for Playstation.

NukeDaHippies46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

Yea, i agree. There's no reason for that game to only be on switch, especially if they port persona. If Atlus have no interest in porting games, then I wish they would pick 1 console. They have......Persona on PS4 - SMT 5 on switch - Re:fantasy on PS4?? Why make fans get different consoles to play your games? Odds are most of their RPG fans are on ps4.

I'm begging them to port/make a ps4 version of SMT 5. That series needs any extra push it can i don't wanna play it on my switch.

bluefox75546d ago

@Neonridr Yeah, no money to be made porting a game to a console with 100+ million install base.

RazzerRedux46d ago

SMT V would have to be remade for PS. P5 doesn't have to be remade for anything, just ported.

zahdab46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

I dont see how you earn the right to a game ... if a third party company releases their game on a system that is not urs ... did you deserve anything for quantum dreams releasign their games on the pc ?

Sgt_Slaughter46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

Someone should explain to bluefox755 that the region SMT is most popular in is Japan, which is where the Switch is already past the PS4 in total unit sold. The US and UK are not going to help sales a noticeable amount, so bring up "100M+ Units sold" is misleading for the main point of this argument.

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Pedantic9146d ago

Then why not port evey game in the pipeline to other platforms then ?

Exclusivity to a single platform imo should only be between 1st/2nd party titles.

Loadedklip46d ago

Agree. If you are third party, you should be putting ur game on all systems.


They may have deals with Sony and Nintendo that we don't know about. There's also the question of manpower. Porting games isn't as simple as we think....especially to the Switch.

bluefox75546d ago

I mean, why not? Surely SMTV, for example, would make them money on a 100+ million install base console.

septemberindecember46d ago (Edited 46d ago )


It has 100+ million consoles sold worldwide, but the majority of consoles sold are in regions where a game like SMT doesn't sell. The attach rate for SMT is highest in Japan, where the PS4 is only at around 8.5M sold. Meanwhile, the Switch is at 12M and climbing.

Not saying it can't perform well on PS4 (Persona 5 did great), just saying that stating 100+ million install base isn't painting the whole picture.

Chaos_Order46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

Porting isn't as easy as pressing a magical button and having money fall into your lap. For some devs, spreading their resources might be more trouble than it's worth, and focusing on limited platforms might be more sustainable. For that reason, I don't think it's fair to insist all devs "should" do this out of sheer principle.

In this instance though, Switch owners have been clamouring for Persona for a while now and Atlus has already shown they're willing to bring games to the system. There's obviously a huge market there, plus the Switch is doing gangbusters in Japan, so Persona Switch seems like a no-brainer.

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bluefox75546d ago

Just make the games on both platforms, lol. Give Persona to Switch, and give SMT to PS4/5. Both consoles are doing well, why not?

locomorales46d ago

Because Nintendo fans are like spoiled little children. If they get p5 they will say good things about the game and Atlus on the internet. But if Xbox or playstation get smt they will try to destroy game reputation and producers. Its not that simple when we are talking about the most vocalic and spoiled gamers on Internet.

Just remember all the problems with Rayman Legends on Wii U.

rainslacker46d ago

I highly doubt that. The people that play persona would be the same ones that would play those niche japanese games. Long time persona fans even know the two series are related

coolastheycome46d ago

That's funny coming from a spoiled Sony fan

Segata46d ago

I just want to know where SMT V is.

PhiberFrenzy46d ago

All I really ever wanted was a virtual console on switch I've never bought one for lack of & I still play the wiiu Nintendo say they'll never release virtual console so I say I'll never buy Nintendo switch.

Also ports are pointless imo I'm gonna pay Nintendo full price for a game I can get half price or less elsewhere yeah ok

Tross46d ago

I admit to letting the lack of a VC turn me off from getting a Switch for a long time. It just seemed like a waste given how perfectly the Switch’s design can accommodate games across so many consoles and handhelds.

But, now that I have one I realized I was focused too much on the negative and not enough on what the system does have to offer. It may not have VC but in lieu of being the best legacy system Nintendo ever had, it’s the best indie system they ever had. It has great first and third party support in the AAA sphere too, even if it can’t match the graphical prowess of its competitors.

Moreover, the Switch works great as both a console, a handheld and a portable setup for local multiplayer. It can be customized with all sorts of accessories, and accommodates all sorts of play styles. I personally like to play the more graphically intensive games docked and the games with more simple graphics in handheld mode, and I can do that. My PS4 is a great system when I’m at home while my Switch is a great system for all occasions.

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