Final Fantasy VII Remake Gets New Video and Gorgeous Artwork At Tokyo Skytree

Square Enix opened an exhibition to celebrate the upcoming release of the Final Fantasy VII Remake, and attendees are sharing interesting things.

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Abriael16d ago

Yeah but remember that the first 1.30 minutes is about the story of the series, not the remake itself. That starts after.

GaboonViper16d ago

Over 20 years i have waited, this will be a masterpiece, my GOAT.

lifeisgamesok16d ago

Masterpiece! I still can't believe how engrossed I got in the story of FF7 back in the day

LooWeeGee15d ago

That was from Advent Children

TeamIcoFan15d ago

Dirge of Cerberus actually.
But yeah, he's not gonna be in the remake until part 2 at least.

lifeisgamesok15d ago

Oh I have to watch Advent Children again

15d ago