Is all hope lost for Sony? 3.10 decrypted

It shouldn't come as a surprise that the homebrew community has miraculously decrypted the latest PSP firmware in less than 24 hours. The homebrew community seems to be at war against Sony, who's desperately trying to close the security holes in their firmware and slow down the rampant piracy that can jeopardize the PSP as a viable platform.

Firmware decryption isn't helpful for the average PSP user, but it will be for other homebrew coders. Undoubtedly, PSP whiz kid Dark_Alex is working on a new open edition firmware for the system. Will Sony ever be able to regain the momentum in this battle?

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DC RID3R4914d ago (Edited 4914d ago )

no rest for the hackers!

seriously sony, at least release a security update that can withstand a simple hacking attempt! 24 hours...........jeez.........t hat's pretty W34K.


r10004914d ago

Damn thats crazy.... that security must have been pretty weak.....

shotty4914d ago

I stop updating after 3.0 because everything is just security patches and updates for locationfree tv.

Contra264914d ago

HomeBrew Applications
gameboy (advance) emu
snes emu
nes emu
ps1 emu
mame arcade emu
neogeo emu
I even have the bible on my psp

Real psp users have 1.5 fw