Anthem 2.0 is make or break for BioWare

BioWare is rebooting Anthem into an "Anthem 2.0" of sorts. And it seems as though everything is riding on this attempt to right the ship.

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RazzerRedux830d ago

Crazy thought, but why the hell can't EA just let Bioware focus on the franchises where it has excelled: Mass Effect, Dragon Age, and for the love of God......KOTOR!

Thunder_G0d_Bane830d ago

Took the words right from my soul.

They need to just leave Anthem, its not worth the dev time. Focus on your successful franchises and bring them back up to par.

830d ago
AK91830d ago (Edited 830d ago )

They turned KOTOR into TOR had threw Mass Effect into the dumpster with Andromeda and from what I’m hearing the next Dragon Age game is going to be another disaster.

RazzerRedux830d ago

Andromeda had a rough start but the series was far from unsalvageable. It could have turned into a great series of its own.

The existence of SWTOR doesn't mean KOTOR cannot be revived as a single player game. Hopefully Jedi Order makes EA they are under-utilizing the Star Wars franchise.

I'm keeping an open mind on DA 4. DA:I was great.

FITSniper830d ago


Yeah I played through Andromeda (because I'd already bought it). It wasn't terrible. It was ok. The biggest problem was me knowing nothing would happen with the game after the game. The original Mass Effect games you knew choices mattered in the long run as well as the short term.

But yes the huge empty planets were also a downside. And in their desire to make the wokest characters possible, they didn't give them any hard edges. The story, while not awful, was just kind of "ok sure". Overall I'd give it a 6/10. It was hard to know how much was my predetermined apathy though since I knew the series wasn't going anywhere anytime soon after the game.

I'll still never understand why they painted themselves into such a corner with ME3. Defeat the reapers or don't. Why kill off future possibilities even when you beat them? I would have loved to see new Mass Effect games in the Milky Way galaxy based on a successful victory ending. I mean I guess you could do something based off the ending where you essentially enslave the Reapers to do your bidding. But then you're just recycling the old villian unless you create a threat even bigger than the Reapers that you need the Reapers to fight off or at least their tech.

FullDiveDerail830d ago

I would like to see a game that takes place far before KOTOR

ReVibe829d ago (Edited 829d ago )

@Razzer I really hope DA4 goes back to the original formula. As far as I can remember, I had the most flexibility with my characters in the first. DA22 I only played as a warrior with a greatsword, and I may as well have just put in Devil May Cry. Sold that shit.

DA3 (my first PS4 game, because I heard it was oh so great) felt like a sad attempt to rival Skyrim, and I just kinda forgot about it once Destiny came along (lol.)

I don't mind lesser sized maps; it's the quality of what's contained in them. 2 literally felt Dynasty Warriors; wipe hordes of baddies corridor after corridor. So I hope there's a balance between that and 3's overabundant generic zones.

ReVibe829d ago

@FullDive Yeah something of Ancient SW lore would be cool [in my opinion.] Namely something around the first Mandolorian-Jedi war.
But anything before Old Republic might not resonate with less than supergeek fans. Also, since that era is slathered in war, they'd most likely find that the perfect excuse to make yet another mass PvP. The Mandolorians would probably play like the jetpack dudes in Tribes (anyone remember that one?) and Jedi would have feats of stren...I mean force.
.....Yeeeah we just need another impactful RPG kthx.

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DarXyde830d ago (Edited 830d ago )

Or just give them creative freedom.

That'd likely yield great results.

darthv72829d ago

Maybe they are hoping to turn things around like Fortnite did. I know the fortnite we have now was nothing like it was when it first came out. It because something even bigger than Epic imagined all because they picked the right time to reinvent themselves.

As for Anthem... Im not sure if the same results will pan out but good luck to them.

RazzerRedux829d ago

Well, all Epic had to do with Fortnite was add a battle royale mode. I wouldn't call that reinventing the game. That and porting to iOS and Android blew the game wide open.

Anthem needs a true "reinvention" and it is going to require more than another game mode. Thankfully, I think Bioware knows this and yes, I hope it works. I was an early defender for Anthem being part of the closed beta and I was truly excited for the game. I'll happily give it another go if they can fix its many problems.

BenRC01829d ago

Because bioware doesn't exist anymore. They all left, it's bioware in name only.

Specter229829d ago

Did you forget the mess that was Andromeda?

RazzerRedux829d ago

No I did not. I liked Andromeda and the series was far from unsalvageable. The game should have been delayed 6 months or so but ultimately it wasn't a bad game at all. It certainly didn't rise to the standards of the original trilogy, but that doesn't mean it was a "mess".

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TheEnigma313830d ago (Edited 830d ago )

Bioware is already broken. Thanks EA. EA is close to being as bad as Konami.

UltraNova830d ago

Yeah the old blood that gave us the true Bioware gems are long gone now. Bioware today its just a husk of their former self, another clog in the EA machine.

Hell, I'm more excited about Respawn and Dice these days rather than anything Bioware is doing.

Reefskye830d ago

Not rated dice for years, not a fan of their engine being forced in to all EA games when most dev teams don't have a clue how use it Dragon age inquisition and Andromeda are a great example of poor engine support.

ifrit_caress829d ago

"Yeah the old blood that gave us the true Bioware gems are long gone now."

Yes, all that "Bioware Magic" made them disappear.

frostypants829d ago

EA was worse than Konami for a long time. Then Konami went warp speed and blew by them. But EA is as bad as ever.

DarXyde827d ago

I would argue that EA is worse.

One of them self sabotages. The other will acquire smaller studios that people love and rip out their souls, sabotaging themselves, which now includes another formerly-independent studio.

AK91830d ago

Make or break? They’ve already been broken for a while just like their games.

lellkay830d ago

This will be a beautiful car crash.

thesoftware730830d ago

I will check it out depending on if its free, or a low price. I would spend $20 for a good Anthem overhaul, I was one of the people who really like the gameplay, Javelin designs, and the graphics. The bad loot is what ruined it for me, and the lack of end game content.

I say bring it on with proper everything and put it on next gen systems as well.

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