Sony paid $229 million for Insomniac Games

SEC filing reveals acquisition cost of Ratchet & Clank and Marvel's Spider-Man developer in a majority-cash deal.

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RazzerRedux1133d ago

At that price, they should have bought two.

Fluttershy771133d ago

I don't think you can buy half of a AAA studio at that price.

Army_of_Darkness1133d ago

Sony paid $229m for insomniac. MS paid 2.5 billion for mojang(minecraft). When it comes to video game quality and designs, Sony's purchase is by far way better for them and us, the gamers.

BLizardXD1133d ago (Edited 1133d ago )

@ Army_of_Darkness

left out ninja theory eh?

Genkins1133d ago (Edited 1133d ago )

@ Army_of_Darkness
since you brought it up. pretty sure ninja theory was among MS's cheapest acquisition.

UltraNova1133d ago

Best money they've spend. For Insomniac's caliber, its a steal.

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KillBill1133d ago

@Army_of_Darkness - if you imagine that insomniac is going to give back return numbers the way Minecraft and Mojang has proved to Microsoft then you are gravely mistaken.

Army_of_Darkness1133d ago

I stand corrected. The acquisition of ninja theory was a little cheaper than insomniac games essentially because insomniac studios has a higher net worth and reputation.... Let's all be honest here, mojang ridiculously lucked out with its one hit wonder cause they haven't done anything worthwhile since minecraft, thus insomniac being the better acquisition for Sony and us gamers (well, ps gamers anyway).

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jlove4life1133d ago

I approve this message a great studio to own which will bring great games for us

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TechnoGoat1133d ago

Was literally about to say the exact same thing.

babadivad1133d ago

Seems like they got a sweetheart deal on the price.

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deadfrag1134d ago

Cheap buy overall and great deal for Sony! Enhance the reason Shawn Layden told this has the best and most proud deal he made at Sony!

Fist4achin1133d ago

More Ratchet and Clank please

Jin_Sakai1133d ago

I know Spider-Man sells boat loads but I’d really like a Ratchet & Clank game in between the Spider-Man games. I’d even go for a Sunset Overdrive sequel or a Resistance reboot.

Muzikguy1133d ago

I would LOVE a Resistance game. I really liked those. I thought the multiplayer was so much fun

darthv721133d ago

I wouldn't be against them taking the portable resistance games and giving them proper big screen adaptations. Making them part of a full resistance compilation perhaps.

janus2251133d ago

I hope will got all the game you've mentioned!

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Muzikguy1133d ago


That's insane when you think about it and also how "cheap" they were bought for. I hope to see many great games in the future and wish them the best of luck.

iain041133d ago

Resistance Fall Of Man remake, Tools of Destruction Remanke and of course new entries for both p-lease.

1133d ago
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Abnor_Mal1133d ago

Everyone is saying no to R&C, but yes to Sunset. I would rather have a Resistance Fall of Man remake, then later R&C.

Sunset I have no care for as I never played the first, so a second for me would be incomplete and some what of a waste of development time, in MY opinion for ME as a fan of their other games.

darthv721133d ago

It would be silly of them to make a sequel without first releasing a port of the original. So i get what you are saying. another game i dont think they get enough respect for is Song of the Deep. Its a fun little game. Like i said above, a Resistance compilation that includes the portable games remade for tv play would be ideal. They obviously know there is a demand for some of their previous works to make a return.

rainslacker1133d ago

I'd like a new game in the series. But I like what they did with the remake of the first game. I think a lot of the dev costs were mitigated because the movie content in the game was made with funds from the movie project. I believe however that it sold well enough that I'm sure sony would fund a sequel.

Personally, I'd like to see a new ip from insomniac, because they have ideas, but because they wanted to keep the IPs they really didnt get the marketing or support that Sony gave them with the games they published. Fuze was actually looking pretty good until EA stepped in, and SSoD had decent marketing at first, then just died off quick.

Luckily they're a big enough studio to make new things, and work on fan favorites at the same time, so hopefully they have something exciting being worked on either way

ShadowWolf7121133d ago

just make SSO2 a spiritual sequel or set in the same sort of "world" without being a slave to the continuity of the first and they're golden.

I_am_Batman1133d ago

Since Insomniac owns the IP, and Sony owns Insomniac I don't see a reason why they wouldn't at least port Sunset Overdrive to PS4/PS5. With that being said a sequel to Sunset Overdrive is fairly low on my wishlist. Insomniac Games is a fairly big studio, but they can't work on everything simultaneously.

My wishlist would be ordered like this:
Resistence > new IP > Spider-Man > R&C > Sunset Overdrive

A new Resistance game would be amazing on the PS5. New IPs are always welcome. Spider-Man was extremely successful, so we're probably getting a sequel no matter what. I'd be fine with R&C taking an extended break for now. Considering Sony owns the Jak and Daxter and Sly IPs, I'd prefer seeing Insomniacs take on these over a new R&C personally.

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Retroman1133d ago

Please!! more , I'm dehydrating from lack of Ratchet and clank.
Gulp ........ ratchet, gulp.

xPaYDaYx1133d ago

Rumored to be a launch title for PS5!!!! Hope it's true I'm so excited!

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Dovergamer1133d ago

Indeed. Spider Man 2 will be spectacular.
I can't wait for the return of Fall of Man.

neutralgamer19921133d ago

I thought it would have been more. These studios don't come cheap

darthv721133d ago

Maybe part of the deal was they get a higher budget to work with? Meaning Sony says we will buy you for X amount but give you even more $$ to work with when making your games. That would be a really smart move.

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Sciurus_vulgaris1133d ago

Insomniac didn’t own many big ips that why the purchase figure may seem low.

neutralgamer19921132d ago

That's true they only have fuse and sunset overdrive

DoubleYourDose1133d ago

Any idea where I can find out how much the studios cost that Microsoft bought?

neutralgamer19921132d ago

I don't think so unless in fiscal reports but they may combine it and call it something else

The most expensive ms studio I think would be obsidian games

Sciurus_vulgaris1132d ago

The biggest studio Microsoft bought recently was Playground Games, a studio that didn’t own any big IPs. So Playground likely cost Microsoft significantly less than Insomniac cost Sony.