Minecraft's Upcoming Update Makes The Nether Way More Exciting

Minecraft's latest update revamps the Nether, the dark under world to the sandbox survival game. The update adds a bunch of new biomes, items, and features.

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Smellsforfree56d ago

I wonder how well these will retrofit into old worlds. I love Minecraft but generally dislike that the best way to experience new patch content is in a new game in a new world.

ElementX56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

How else would they add changes? You can't really modify an existing world. Imagine spending days making an awesome base in a prime location, only to come back and the biome changed? How about having new villages spawn where you don't want them?

-Foxtrot56d ago

I suppose they could do it where the land you haven't explored (land generated as you walk) would create the new stuff...anything already generated by you wouldn't change.

Darkwaver51756d ago

I'm pretty sure, as foxtrot says, that when updating the game it tries to implement new stuff in an existing world, disregarding everything you've already explored. I've had this happen a few times; having to search a long ways from home to encounter something new. But it could also corrupt your world so making a back up or starting over is always better