Major League Gaming: Time to Be Taken Seriously?

From the article: "For years, gaming tournaments have been sort of a grassroots movement for gamers to attain bragging rights, but the scope and reward of it all has increased greatly. MLG president, Matthew Bromberg, points out that MLG is very much like traditional sports leagues. "It's a league. It's seven cities and professional players are signed to the league and make money as pros. We have an ongoing pro circuit and there are rules and we have a players' association." Now, let's not forget the attention MLG received in June 2006, for signing the country's then top Halo 2 team, Final Boss, for an astounding $1 million dollars. Impressive, no doubt, but you know I find these contracts to be a bit ridiculous. I mean I'm sitting here up to my knees in books I recently bought for my new semester of college. I'm trying to obtain knowledge for a career that will keep me financially sound for years to come, but good lord if I knew all I had to do was be great at Halo 2 to make money, then by golly I wouldn't be in college; I'd be spending months locked in a room improving my skills as Master Chief. I know… I know… I'm just jealous, but that doesn't negate the fact that getting paid nefarious amounts of money for playing a video game is just absurd. Nonetheless, it is happening and MLG plans more surprises. We should all start getting used to this..."

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